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TECHINCAL TRAININGThe techincal training consists in basically three main techniques: PassingShootingconrtolingPassThere are three principal types of passing :Short passingLong passingFirst touch passingPassing in football is one of the basic skills. However it is complicated to master it in a hundred percent in all of its ways as it has lots of variants, but when you are able to control the main ones perfectly you have done a huge step in football. Passing in football works for appart of, keeping the ball in a effectively way without having to run, it also works in such a way that you can approach the ball to the other goal without losing it if you do it right either with long, short or first touch passes.Short passingThere are three to take into account to master the short pass, these are : Body postureStriking the ballFollow through1. Body posturePosition your spine in 90º angle from the floor not leaning forward and not leaning backwards either. The non kicking foot should be right beside (by the left side if you are right footed, by the left side if you are left footed) the tip of the non kicking foot should approximately point the direction of the pass. Use your arms for balance2. Striking the ballOnce your position is right, turn your kicking foot outwards, bend your knee slightly, and lock your ankle when you make the pass. Use the inside of your foot since it is the part where you have more control and hit the centre of the ball with the strength needed bringing your kicking foot through at the same time.3. Follow throughThis will determine the speed of the ball, for a greater power in the pass use a stronger follow through right after the contact has been madeLong passingThis kind of passing is more oriented to attack rather than defense. And before you train this you need to have a good leg strength1. Body postureIn this case position your spine in a slightly bigger angle to the floor, place your non kicking foot in exactly the same way as the short pass.2. Striking the ballThe technique is almost the same as the short passing but in this case you have to bend the knee a little bit more and which is more important you have to hit the low part of the ball so that the ball gets more height3. Follow throughThe follow through in the long passing has to be more emphasized as it is needed more power for a long distance passFirst touch passingThis kind of pass basically consists in mastering the long passing and the short passing in order to make those in only one touch, what is easy to say, but is so difficult to make.This kind of pass is super important during a match because it helps the team to play faster and not lose the ball.It demonstrates quality in the player and it is a skill you get with the practice and the timeShootingTo master this technique you have to practice the following points:Plant footFlexibilityLeg positionBody position45º angleFollow through1. Plant footYour non kicking foot should be approximately 30 cm away from the ball. This foot makes you balanced and makes it more comfortable to strike the ball2.FlexibilityGenerally the flexibility in a football player is important but it is even more important in kicking because it allows you to generate more power from the ball3.Leg positionThe leg position is by far the most important thing, if you control this you will have very good starting point. The way to generate such power through the ball is to lift your striking leg as high as you can4.Body positionThe body position is important as well. You have to lean slightly forward keeping the ball lower to the ground or less, if you lean back the ball will automatically go in the air not going where you want it to go5.45º angleThis is the last thing you need to think about before kicking the ball. You have to make sure that your kicking leg is in a 45º angle or else, if it is straight you will hit the ball with your toes and you don’t want that, you want to hit it with the part of your laces6.Follow through:Last but not least you once you have striked you have to follow through the ball with the kicking leg in order to add more power to the ball.Controlling the ballIn order to improve your ball control you have to train these 4 things:Rhythm and Coordination  PrecisionTimingGame SpeedCoordinationRhythm and coordinationAs we have said before coordination is important in football in all its aspects and it is also important for the ball control In this part you have to practice the movement of controlling the ball so that you and your legs the right pattern with the ball.You have to find the balance between moving the legs and the ball. This is probably the most difficult part of it but with the practice you will get itRhythmOnce the basic ball control is learned, it must be made your own. For this you just have to let it flow and be yourself without thinking of the technique. Each player moves differently, messi has a different control of the ball than Cristiano and both are very good.PrecisionNow that you have the basic movement made by yourself and you control it quite well, you only have to perfect and polish it.Precision is really important during the match because you can know and control where the ball is exactly going. For this you can use cones, poles, or targets making your tracks and completing them in the less time possible. You will know that you know this when you can control the ball and run with it without having to look at itTimingThe third “phase” is the timing. What does timing mean? Timing means that your legs, your mind and the ball have to be perfectly synchronized so that you have full control of the ball and if the defender makes a different move suddenly you can avoid himGame speedThe final stage is to incorporate the new movement pattern into appropriate game situations. With the confidence of tens of thousands of repetitions, they are now able to draw on an entire menu of movements to create their own beautiful story on the pitch.