The mood, and build excitement in their

The Most Dangerous Game”

            There are many different literary
devices an author can use to develop a story. 
They select literary devices to create a plot, set the mood, and build
excitement in their story.  In Richard
Connell’s short story “The Most Dangerous Game”, he details his protagonist
Rainsford, who discovers himself trapped on a Caribbean island.  Connell is effective in using the literary
devices of foreshadowing and suspense to bring a sense of fear and danger
throughout his story.

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            As Connell begins his story, he uses
conversation between Rainsford and his friend Whitney that foreshadows the main
conflict in the story.  As Rainsford and
Whitney stand on the deck of the yacht, Rainsford explains, “The world is made
up of two classes – the hunters and the huntees.  Luckily, you and I are the hunters” (1).  This use of foreshadowing suggests that the
tables will soon be turned on the hunter. 
The reader’s thoughts are being prepared for the plot twist to come.  Later, Whitney speaks about the island
saying, “An evil place can, so to speak, broadcast vibrations of evil” (2).  This remark continues to set the mood and
tone for more evil events that take place later.  Connell’s use of foreshadowing is effective,
because it prepares the reader’s mind with a sense of fear and danger that will
follow Rainsford on the island.  His use
of foreshadowing is also effective, because it helps to create the mood and
conflict in the story.

            Author, Richard Connell, continues
to bring a sense of fear and danger in his story as he uses suspense to bring
excitement and create the mood.  Connell
draws attention to Rainsford’s courage and determination.  While being hunted, Rainsford hopes that he
will not lose his courage and strength. 
This is seen when he breaks for cover before changing hiding places.  This use of suspense enables the reader to
sympathize more with Rainsford and recognize the enormous amount of strength
needed to survive his situation.  The
reader comprehends the ongoing effort Rainsford must give to survive.  Another time, Rainsford faces more danger
when Ivan and Zaroff hunt him with a pack of vicious dogs.  Again, Rainsford escapes by using his clever
skills to construct a trap that kills Ivan. 
As each continuous event becomes more dangerous, it leaves the reader
feeling as if nothing could top the previous event.  Connell’s brilliant use suspense is effective
because, it  keeps the reader guessing
what will happen next and hungry for more until the end of the story.

            In Richard Connell’s “The Most
Dangerous Game”, fear and danger are delivered through his effective use of
literary devices foreshadowing and suspense. 
The mood is created with Connell’s detailed use of foreshadowing and
suspense that builds excitement throughout the story.  Connell is effective in proving  that the use of literary devices are a
necessity in developing a captivating story.










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