The these are very essential as it ask

The work of behavioural psychologist lead to the
influence of stimulus-response psychology (the approach concerned with the
study of stimuli that elicit behavioural response and rewards and punishment
that may influence these responses) this process doesn’t concern with mental
processes between stimulus (a situation, event, object or other factor which
may influence behaviour) and response (the behaviour that occur as a reaction
to a stimulus and can be measured) however the work of B.F Skinner is present
here. Skinner’s work in behaviour of organism were described in experiments he
conducted with rats and later pigeons.

behavioural approach in psychology is made possible through the work association.
For example; Pavlov and Thorndike and the early behaviourist Watson and Hull all
of whom studied learning using conditioning. Pavlov studied the conditioning of
reflex response or classical conditioning (the process through which a reflex
response becomes associated with a stimulus that doesn’t naturally activate
that behaviour) whilst Thorndike’s work was based on conditioning of voluntary
behaviour referred to as operant or instrumental conditioning (the conditioning
of voluntary behaviour through the use of reinforcements and punishment) which
was further research by B.F Skinner.

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the behaviourist viewpoints, these are very essential as it ask question about
how living organism interact with the environment. Hence, learning through try
and error and experiences influence what a person might become.

What are the
various stimuli on behaviours?

How does the
consequence of behaviour affect that behaviour?

Under what
condition might certain behaviours occur?

 In scenarios where, the physiological
psychologist would base on genetics and an individual’s biological make-up, the
behaviourist or learning theorist would argue in focus on the influence of the
environment. They choose not to base their theories on internal mechanism that
happen inside an organism however, ask questions such as;

psychology there are systematic approach developed by scientists that
psychologists use when dealing with issues, these include; the behaviour
approach, psychodynamic approach, biological approach, cognitive etc.

the vastly known definition of psychology, it may be defined as the study of
behaviour and experience. This in detail is to say; by means of methodical
research, psychologists aim to ask questions about how human beings and animals
behave and how they relate to the world or environment around them. On the
other hand, the word “Psychology” originate from Greek word “psyche” which translate
“mind or soul” and “logos” which interprets study or line of teaching thus the
study of mind.