The country. The North Korean government is called

The North Korean government
is one of the most authoritative governments in the world. North Korea is a
socialist dictatorship. The government has many laws and policies in place and
is set up in a way to limit the freedom and rights of their people and give one
person complete control of the country.

The North Korean government
is called the Democratic people of Korea. Despite having democratic in the name
the government is truly a socialistic dictatorship. There are three branches in
the government. The executive branch holds the highest power and is run by the
supreme leader. There is no credible election process for the supreme leader
and the supreme leader serves until death or removed by the chief of state. The
legislative branch passes all proposals usually without debate. The judicial
branch does not practice judicial review and the security forces usually
interfere and the cases are foregone. All decisions are made by the supreme

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North Korea has many
policies in place that restrict the freedom of its citizens. One example of
these policies is that internet is banned in the country. The few people that
do have access to the internet are limited to only government approved
websites. North Korea also has a three generation law. This law means that if
you commit a crime your immediate family and the next 2 generations will be
sentenced to a labor camp. An example of a law that can send you to a labor
camp is failing to wipe dust off of portraits of Kim Il-Sung.

Kim Jong Un has no regard
for human life, even for his own family. Kim has ordered the execution of both
his brother and uncle. Kim Jung Un also allows North Korea to have labor camps.
Most inmates at these labor camps are subject to malnutrition and hard labor. These
labor camps are similar to the concentration camps used by Germany during the holocaust.
By using these  labor camps and killing
his own family it shows that Kim Jong Un cares only about being in power and
will do anything to keep his power.

In conclusion the North Korean
government does not care about its people but instead cares about power. This is
shown by the policies Kim
Jong UN allows to be in place. Such as restricting internet, labor camps and
the 3 generations rule. Kim Jong Un also showed that he will not hesitate to murder
his own citizens and family. The government in North Korea is looking out only
for itself and not its own citizens like governments should do.