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The book The Color Purple mainly revolves around the baseline of an African-American girl, named Celie, being raped and treated badly her whole life. She records every event of her life and writing them all to God. From her abusive father to being forced to marry an abusive husband. She constantly lives seeking company from anyone she can find. Until, she encounters a blues singer, Shug Avery, who helped her become the confident woman she soon became. The Color Purple starts off with a quote from the father telling Celie to stay quiet about his abuse to her and to tell no one but God. We can see that the father constantly tugs on the mother’s arm as a sign to ask or demand sex. When her mother left for Macon to visit her sister, the father turned to Celie and raped her. Celie’s father turns to Celie to fulfill his sexual satisfaction as his mother becomes ill and is no longer able to. Celie then becomes pregnant with her father’s child at the age of 14. We can tell immediately that this family has no virtue and no education. We can judge so from the fact that the father rapes the daughter and the daughter does not have good English, she says “He never had a kine word to say to me” (11) when she meant kind. When her child disappears from within, she suspects that the father had taken the child and killed it in the woods while she was sleeping. Celie then had a second child which the father took and sold to a married couple for money, making Celie have her breasts filled with milk for no child. Celie’s father brought home a new wife who is around the same age of Celie. However, Celie still gets abused. She got beat for supposedly winking at a boy when she had something stuck in her eye. Then, she also got beat for dressing up too “trampy”. Nettie, Celie’s younger sister, then learns that a man whom Celie calls Mr.___ wants to marry her. This man’s wife was murdered by her lover and now he is a widow seeking love. The father’s new wife tells the two children that Mr.___ had a wife before called Shug Avery. The father offers the man Celie instead because Nettie was too young and inexperienced. The father, however, insults Celie while introducing her to him “She ain’t fresh tho, but I spect you to know that. She spoiled. Twice” (17) While in town, Celie sees a child that resembles her quite closely. The child also strangely has the same name that Celie gave the child and embroidered on her diapers before she was taken. Two of Mr.___ sisters, Kate and Carrie, came to the house. They demanded that Celie get new clothing and Harpo, Mr.___’s oldest son, to aid Celie with chores around the house. When Kate left the house, she told Celie that she should fight back to what her brother tells her to do. Celie thinks that fighting back will not help her. Harpo reveals to Celie that he has a love for a girl named Sofia. While Celie is interested in the girl named Shug Avery. However, Mr.___ still loves Shrug and is never around the house, leaving Harpo and Celie with a lot of work. Following Harpo’s lover, her parents do not agree to a marriage and neither does Mr.___ but Sofia got pregnant and a marriage was inevitable. Celie was interested in something Sofie did that she was not able to. She fought back to Mr.___ and Harpo. Following this, Harpo asks Mr.___ and Celie how to make Sofia behave and they both replied to beat her. However, Harpo tries to beat Sofia but she is bigger and gets himself more injured. Celie feels she has violated Sofia by telling Harpo to beat her and confesses. Sofia and Celie have a fight but in the end, Celie reveals that she did so due to jealousy. She was jealous that Sofia was able to talk back and she was not. Sofia talked to her about it and they resolved it and laughed about it. Shug Avery became sick and was brought home by Mr.___ and Celie was in awe of what she had seen. Shug got better from Celie’s care and the two became friends. Celie sees that Shug constantly teases and calls Mr.___ weak for not standing up to his father. Mr.___, or revealed by Shug as Albert, is still lovestruck and does not care what Shug criticizes him about. Meanwhile, Harpo is trying to eat and get big to fight back Sofia while getting bullied by his friends for being fat. Celie talks to him about fighting back and says that it is a bad idea to fight back as they both genuinely love each other, she also does not want their marriage to end up loveless like Celie’s own marriage with Albert. Albert’s father and his brother, Tobias, come to visit the house. They both disagree on the fact that Shug is staying over the house. Celie overhears this and spits in the father’s cup. While the father criticized Albert, Albert gave Celie a look which she says was “the closest they ever felt”. Sofia confesses to Celie that she is sad about their relationship because ever since Harpo tried to eat a lot to take Sofia’s freedom, they had lost the sexual vitality. So, Sofia moved in with her sister and the children with her. Harpo is very sad about it and she saw him wipe a tear from his face with a baby cloth diaper. After six months, Harpo opens a juke joint on his land along with a friend. They ask Shug to perform and it attracted a lot of people. Shug told Albert to let Celie come to the joint. Albert and Celie watched Shug perform, Celie sees Albert’s love for Shug and thinks that they are perfect for each other while she also has love built up for Shug. Shug and Celie’s friendship constantly grows and they talk more with each other. Shug helps Celie feel better about herself after what happened to her as a child. They talked about sex, Shug let Celie see her “sexual organs” and let her know that they are hers. Shug was helping Celie feel more confident about herself. Shug also talks about her take on the meaning of losing virginity. She feels that a person loses their virginity not when they have sex for the first time, but when they feel pleasure from an orgasm. Celie also states that she does not care if Shug sleeps with Albert but she cries later in the night when she hears them. One day, Sofia makes a surprise visit to the juke joint which Harpo opened. There, Harpo and his new girlfriend, Squeak, have a conversation with Sofia and her new boyfriend. Harpo and Sofia have such a fun conversation that made Squeak angry and causes her to stand up and slap Sofia calling her a bitch. This, however, causes Sofia to stand up and punch Squeak making her lose 2 of her teeth, while Sofia leaves with her boyfriend. However, Sofia’s boldness gets her in a lot of trouble when Miss Millie, the mayor’s wife, asks Sofia to be the mayor’s maid in which Sofia replies with a “Hell no”. Due to her sassiness, the mayor slaps her which causes Sofia to beat the mayor and get herself thrown in prison. Squeak says she is the niece of the white prison warden so she can free Sofia. They dress her up to look like a white woman and let her go. However, Squeak comes back limping with her dress all torn. This was due to the prison guard raping her and not letting Sofia free. Squeak tells everyone what happens and asks everyone to call her by her real name, Mary Agnes. Sofia, however, is forced to work as the mayor’s maid.