The the projects at the leadership level

The importance of Project Management has grown enormously in today’s world because of great success accomplished using structured approach and the outcome is predictable. Enterprise PMO (EPMO) is a centralized business function which operates at strategic level with the enterprise executives and provides enterprise wide support on governance, project portfolio management best practices, mentoring, tools and standardized processes.1 For this model to succeed, it is important that PMO reports directly to CIO or any other top level management of the organization. PMO operating at a high level can combine functional aspects and financial aspects and effectively control the projects and resources across the organization.A PMO reporting to the CIO or any other executive officers will create visibility of the projects at the leadership level by providing reports using data for the ongoing projects which will enable them to see the overall picture and take important decisions based on the current status of the projects. This not only helps the executive leaders in decision making but also enables PMO to strategically align the organizational vision, mission and objectives to all the deliverables. The information will be transparent and available from top to the bottom across the organization and vice-versa and the leadership can view how each project is performing. Providing these reports to the clients will increase their confidence by showing that a project is progressing according to the plan. Alternatively, this process helps to remove any obstructions or resolve any issues that is hindering the progress of the project. If the PMO doesn’t function at central level and rather operate at department level the focus would be on delivering the things right and will miss the link for strategic alignment between corporate and departmental aspects. If the department level approach is used it can have setbacks such as missing communication, ineffective resource utilization leading to operational inefficiencies. If the PMO operates at a business level, projects can be prioritized across all the departments and can efficiently collaborate multiple departments across the organization.