The a keyword research to decide that

The major task of a blogger is to write content that help the
user’s queries. Today, the competition in SEO is vicious for many keywords and
it only rarely happens to a page which is not optimized to
reach the top of search results. So, write some quality contents that search
engines find
it. There are certain ways you can help
the search engines to find your content.

The common optimizations that you can make your
site for improving its visibility in the search engine results, you can also write
SEO friendly content. If your website is well-optimized that has more chances
to list in the first page of Google than an unoptimized post. Writing an SEO
friendly post,
you will obviously increase your chances of reaching the top list.

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Do a keyword research

First, you have to do a keyword
research to decide that anyone is interested in that topic. There are many free
keyword research tools are on the internet like Google Keyword
Planner Tool. This tool gives an idea of the search volume of a specific
keyword in Google.

First, you have to make a keyword research click on “Search for new
keywords using a phrase, website or category.”

Second, enter the search keyword of your product or services. If you are
targeting a specific country, select that location from the “Targeting” options
to obtain specific results.

Then click on “Get Ideas” to see the search volume for the specified keyword
and related searches.

You can see that the specified keyword is searched between 1000 to 2000
times every month. It shows that people will interested on the topic. If the
keyword comes with less search volume, then try to find another
topic of the keyword. If the keyword has a very high, competition is likely
very high as well. You can also check the keyword results for the keyword that
Google displays.

The results will also show that search term look like 20,
00,000, It is not a
much competitive keyword compared to other keywords. But it’s
also a competitive keyword. Now, I will check the given titles of how many
pages are indexed in Google.

To get this result, just type the following into Google’s search box:

allintitle:”Paper Manufacturing

Once you have found your primary
keywords, you will need to find a few more terms that your article rank for.

To find more related keywords, just
go through the rest of keywords in the Google Keyword Planner.

The best way to find long tail keywords is Google
Instant Autocomplete Suggestions. Type the keyword in the Google search form,
there you can know list of keyword variations in the search term.

Heading Tags

The HTML tags are (





helps search engines use these tags to know the titles and subtitles of your
content. The header tags will make your content easier to read. The most
important heading tag is

tag. This tag is used only once in your web

You want to rank every page in a
website, you need to include

heading tag for every page.


Even though this element is not required for the HTML code of a page to pass
the markup validation check, every page that you want to rank well in the
results of the search engines should contain a

heading, and its
primary keyword term should be included in these tags.

Note that this title is different from the site title that will be displayed
in the search results and the web browsers’ tabs (we are going to talk about that
later in this post).

Bing even displays an SEO warning in its Webmaster service if the

heading tag is missing from the content of one page and marks that as a “High”
severity issue.

The second important header tag is

tag. These tags can be used multiple times on the pages. If the

tag has more subsections in a page, use

tag as titles and

tag in their sub section.

Meta Tags

The HTML Meta tags are important for on-page SEO. It indicates for search
engine crawlers. For SEO works, meta tags are generally among the most useful
tools. There are certain meta tags are used in SEO, the most important meta
tags are given below:





It’s not coming
in the meta tag parts, but I am including it in this section. It
is one of the important part in SEO. Here is an example of title tags in the
source code of a page.

Paper Manufacturer Company


The meta description tag should contain a short description
of the content on a page. It should be relevant to the content of the page. The
keyword for which you want a page to rank for should contain these meta descriptions.

The content of this meta tag should
look natural (not as a list of keywords) and should be highly relevant to the
content of the page.










Example of meta tag in the HTML code
of a page:


Meta Robots

The meta robots tag does not appear on all the pages.
Sometimes, you won’t need all your sites pages indexed by the search engines.
For Example, if you don’t want your blog’s tag pages indexed, then you can use
this tag. The meta robots tag:

One of the important meta tag is
robots meta tag and you give particular instructions to search engines.

Create Rich-Media Content

An article containing only of text will not keep the recognition of your
visitors, is more tiring for the user’s eyes and thus makes some shares on the
social networks. It helps to lead to a higher bounce rate, page viewers, social
signals, etc. The search engines also make to select the pages that contain
various types of content. The advantages of these kind of ranking helps, Google
and other search engines can now show your images, links, videos, ratings and
other media types from a page directly on the results page. It helps to obtain
more clicks from the searches.


Write only original content

Some people post the duplicate contents on their blogs, thus definitely
spoil their rankings. The most important thing is search engines like fresh and
unique contents. The contents should be very helpful for users to search their




LSI Keywords within your content

Search engines are giving more preference to know what a
user needs when searching for the keyword phrase. Google also
prefers pages that have useful contents and that optimized for a single
keyword. The LSI keywords are important for a page that are related to your
primary keyword

For example, if you have a post on “Auditing”,
your post should have “Company Registration”, “Trademark Registration”, “ISO
Certification”, and so on as mentioned. The LSI keywords are helps to know your
post from the searches related to “Company Registration Services” or “Trademark
Registration Services”. 

For example, if you are searched for

Shoe Manufacturing Companies

Even though I have searched for “best shoe manufacturing”, Google has also
mentioned the word “footwear” in the description shown in one of the results. It shows
Google understands
that the word “footwear” is a synonym for the word shoe.

Try to write long contents

Search engines are ranking the pages that have longer content. It helps the
contents are shared on social networks and you can obtain a backlink from one
of the valid sites on that topic. The articles or blog posts that contain more
than 1000 words. You must include the related keywords to optimize the content
for. So, the longer content helps more traffic and better SERP rankings. 

Add the “alt” tag to images

Images play an important role in the content of your posts.

Images plays an important role in SEO. So, including images between the text
of your posts will make visually appealing to the reader. The posts are also
shared in social networking sites. If you are adding an embedded infographic
on other sites which gain backlinks and traffic. Search engines do not read
your images, it knows the ALT attributes of the content. The
HTML code that displays an image looks like: Bicycle Manufacturing Companies
<p>Do you see the alt=” Bicycle Manufacturing Companies”<br />
<p> </p>
<p> </p>
<p>Add internal and external links</p>
<p>The internal links and external links on your post<br />
contents have SEO benefits. Search engines use internal links to observe your website’s<br />
content and to decide your posts and sites which are related to each other.<br />
Google also tracks<br />
your sites, internal<br />
linking. If you linked a same URL on several posts, the search engines will<br />
decide that as an important page of your website. </p>
<p>Most of the people think that writing content for a blog is not<br />
an easy thing. So, write contents that come to your mind and thus comes to<br />
traffic. If you are targeting an SEO related keywords, you need to analyze your<br />
keywords and then write your contents. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a<br />
complicated area. </p>
<p>The search engine optimization is a very complicated topic. You have to do<br />
general on-site optimizations, you have to research and optimize the content<br />
you write, and you even have to take off-site actions.</p>
<p>As a blogger, you continually<br />
need to keep up with all the SEO changes, and you need to know what the search<br />
engines like and what don’t.</p>
<p>I hope you know now how to write SEO friendly content. The next time you<br />
write a post on your blog, don’t forget to put into practice what you’ve<br />
learned today.</p>
<p> </p>
<p> </p>
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