The Infosys, Wipro, TCS, HCL and Polaris and

global company IBM has established its subsidiary in India in 1966. IBM is a
multinational company with its operations in various locations across India. It
is operating from various locations in India Bengaluru, Ahmadabad, Hyderabad,
Pune, Chennai and Gurgaon, Noida, Chandigarh. It is wide spread geographically
in India with more than 450,000 employees.   IBM India is a CMMI level 5 company and follows
global delivery model.  Its vision is to
be the world’s best and critical data technology Company. IBM India has clients
from various divisions like Public, banking, manufacturing, chemical,
pharmaceutical, insurance, and government and so on. IBM India is the hardest
contender to all the homegrown IT organizations in India. IBM India has grown
to an extent that 68% of IBM’s total revenue is contributed by the Global
Services unit in India.

IBM India also offers software programming
products that makes the business easy like business analytics, enterprise
content management, information management, lotus, software management, service
management, systems software, and storage software, and Web Sphere, which is integration
and optimization software. This company along with its subsidiaries
concentrates on various diversified business forms like technology
specializations, provides systems and servers, such as power systems,
mainframes, blade centers, UNIX servers, and Linux servers; and storage systems
that include disk systems, tape systems, storage area networks, network
attached storage, and other storages. In addition, it offers business services,
such as business analytics and optimization. It is a well-established, reputed
and innovative company which has its clients globally. It effectively formed
alliances with Infosys, Wipro, TCS, HCL and Polaris and also had international
clients. The mission of the company is to accomplish high levels of
productivity and continue to endeavor to become number one in technology
developing companies       . A definitive
objective of the organization is to give an issue less condition to their
customers universally.

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            I was recruited in the year 2011 as Senior Software
Engineer for IBM India Private Ltd. I was working with Infosys Technologies
prior to this and I had 3.6 years of experience in IT industry by then. I was working
in SAP technology as SAP Security Consultant then and I was hired to work on
SAP projects of IBM. As a Security consultant, I was responsible for
provisioning the authorized access to users and troubleshooting the access
issues, locking, unlocking, reactivating user accounts and monitoring dormant
accounts. I was also involved in drafting design documents as per requirements
provided. I used to support the applications by working on the tickets that
were raised by the clients or by the customers who are using the application. I
was the only consultant in the Security module of SAP in the project that I
worked for. I used to report my day to day progress to my client by setting up
a status call update. I used to communicate with clients, end users and
functional users to get the requirement and to update the status of the work
assigned to me. I am even responsible for developing several new authorizations
in SAP HR Security, analysis authorizations in BI BW Security. I have also
participated in the upgrade of the SAP 4.0 which is the oldest version of SAP to
newest version ECC6.0. I had to maintain documents of all the day to day jobs
that were performed as part of preserving the knowledge to the new entrants of
the project. I also used to help my manager in conducting the meetings and
record the minutes of meeting and used to update the team on the status of the
project. Apart from the project work, I used to voluntarily help the other
consultants in solving the problems in their projects and had a good learning
experience and insight to the problems in SAP Security module. . I used to
create technical designs, develop new features, maintain existing
functionalities and also used to update my progress to team members and
clients. I also used to give seminars about what we are developing in the
conferences held by senior managers.

            The recruitment process of the company is very strict. It
investigates each and every detail of  the
person who comes for interview and their skills and aptitude are also tested in
various ways. It also checks the educational background and there is a minimum
percentage of GPA that is used as benchmark. Half (2010) said, “Time spent on
hiring, is time well spent.” IBM India strictly follows it because the company
takes enough time to hire people and to know how they will be helpful to the

Define Problem

Company or organization is associated with different stakeholders. These
stakeholders can be either internally in the company or externally. Among these
stakeholders employees play a noteworthy role as they are present inside the
company. Employees play a vital role in spreading the message on behalf of the company
and explaining the product range to customers.

 IBM India has many policies and procedures and
one of the major one that is interesting to the employees and potential
employees is Work from Home policy. IBM India encourages work from home policy.
It believes that with the work from home option, it allows the employees to get
some flexibility towards their work. Nowadays with the advent of technology
every company is providing this option to their employees because it reduces
the commute time for the employees and allows them to focus more on their jobs
rather than bothering about their travel to the company. IBM trusts that
employees get profited when they telecommute and are satisfied which can lead
into efficient productivity. Working from home not only benefits the employees
but it also benefits the employers by saving a lot of time and cost involved in
using the resources like electricity, water and maintenance of the buildings of
the company.

will be happy with this option which in turn makes them to work more on their
assigned projects, which in turn helps in increasing the productivity of the
company. If there is no work from home option, employees have to commute to
office wasting a lot of time and gas. Also the employee gets irritated due to
the heavy traffic problems and will not be able to give his best performance. Hence
this option helps in reducing stress for the employees because they work in the
environment where they are accustomed to but not in the environment where there
is always a rush to meet the deadlines. The companies by providing this option
can save money as there is no need for them to pay for the commute expenses of
the employees.