The act of infidelity to a country

The overwhelming decision
at the General Assembly, made a huge dispute not only in international arena,
but, also opened a great debate among national policymakers. Many argued it, as
a political and economical threat from the country, that will questioned the
close bilateral relations with U.S, as, for the former prime minister,
Mr.Berisha, the vote was: “an extreme act of
infidelity to a country we owe much to” (Berisha,2017).

For years the Israel
and Palestine conflict, has been a case for arguments among the members of the
organisation, where the U.S hegemonic power tried to purse the dominance, and
the great powers to protect the legitimacy of the organization, as for the dual
resolve. After the Cold War and especially, after the terrorist attack, U.S.
relation with Israel has been tight by the justification of the war on
terrorism (Mearshimer and Walt, 2008). According to the theoretical approach
explained in the paper, the result of the oppositions in security policies it
would be explained as a process where is strongly influenced by the hegemonic
leader who needs the legitimacy and the unanimity within Organization. Although
the organization firstly was established by a number of states who won the
Second World War, the UN is a decision making international institution
(Mauro,2012) where, Albania, has given a support on the organization, to
maintain peace and security, humanitarian interventions and environment
protection (mpj,2017). Keohane and Nye (2011)
assumes that the international organization structure is a “set of networks,
norms, and institutions”, “that once
established, will be difficult either to eradicate or drastically rearrange”
(Keohane and Nye, 2011:16).

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Based on the complexities
of cooperation, scholars have usually assumed international realm to a
“state of war”, “as being anarchic, horizontal, decentralized,
homogeneous, and mutually adaptive” (Waltz,1979:113). The structure was mainly
been discussed as anarchic in the way that has no legal government that can
“enact and enforce rules of behavior” (Waltz, 1979:111). Realism, views on
state behavior and individuals for struggle for power, provides a
starting-point to further analyze the cooperation, on the needs of common needs
for international agreement (Keohane,1984).