“The but also the skills to execute it.

“The computer is the most remarkable tool we’ve ever come up with. It’s the equivalent of a bicycle for our minds.” – Quote by Steve Jobs, has have always been my inspiration and for interest in the world of Computer Science. The field of application of technology is what interests me the most. I want to acquire the learning that will enable me to contribute to the development of new software, which can improve efficiency and accuracy of work in varied sphere. Digital Processing is already transforming the world of Communications. My ambition is to work at the forefront of the technology with the ability to find innovative solutions to the changing needs.Continuous progress is the key to life. And for progress, knowledge and proper guidance are essentials. The practical-orientation of your in-depth coursework will allow me to not only acquire a clear understanding of the subject but also the skills to execute it. I am confident my exposure to such initiatives would quite augment my knowledge base and add tremendous value in enabling me to realize my professional goals. I am sure, the quality knowledge and impeccable guidance will mould me to be in the learning mode all my life opening the way for constant growth as a person and a professional.Change is inevitable in every aspect of life and the world of Computer Science Engineering too is no exception. I sense more tremendous developments in this field with this novel feature and undoubtedly the reason behind my choice.I have always been thirsty for knowledge and I am really known well for my questions. This can be justified by academics. Had a remarkable grade of 86% from my school education from Dilsukhnagar Public School. Then, finished my intermediate (plus two) as Maths, Physics and Chemistry as major subjects with 83.8%.  Later joined the Institution- V.B.I.T. – Vignana Barathi Institute of Technology, Hyderabad for Bachelors course in Information technology. Sophisticated infrastructure, high class amenities and comprehensive course curriculum there has given me a broad perspective of various fields in Information Technology. Courses like Data structures, Computer Architecture, Operating Systems, Programming language concepts and Software engineering have provided me a firm base in this fascinating arena.During my final year, I chose to work on a group project titled “STUDENT PORTAL” which is used to get the details of the student in the college. This application consist of 3 modules which are admin module, student module and faculty module. Admin module is used to add faculty and students in the application and also they can edit the profile of the users, so that they can use it. Faculty module is used to update the marks and attendance of the students and  they can send message to the parents regarding their attendance. Student module is used to view his marks, attendance and profile. After successful graduation from VBIT with 68%, I wanted to continue my interest in Computer Science by pursuing Master’s in the same field.I am convinced that LAKEHEAD University is the right place to further my academic career. Your eminent faculty, excellent research facilities, the courses offered in your  university are very much likely to produce excellent results to the fields of my interest. especially Your university is a confluence of people from varied culture, nationality, religion, race and ideology. I am sure that my exposure to these kinds of diverse influences would result in the overall development of my personality and help me broaden my concept from the narrower confines of nationalism to internationalism.  I would therefore be very thankful if I am offered a beneficial association with your esteemed university with full financial support. However, my quest for Computer Engineering has never deteriorated. I’ve always had that thirst and engrossment towards to Computer Science. My ultimate goal now, is to make a commendable contribution to the computing world either by a stupendous career or doing research which would change the dimensions of future computing and the way we perceive the computers. I am confident that my academic records and practical knowledge combined with my eagerness to do research exhibit the perseverance and zeal required to pursue a Master’s Degree in University of Lakehead. I eagerly look forward to be a part of your Academic community.Yashwanth kumar Voore