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The OJ Simpson murder case, known as The People of the State of California vs Orenthal James Simpson, is one of the most notorious, publicized criminal trials in the history of America. The case took place in the Supreme Court of Los Angeles, California. It started on November 2, 1994 and ended on October 3, 1995, the day the verdict was made. The decision was followed by the brutal murders of Nicole Brown Simpson and one of her friends, apparently her waiter that night, Ron Goldman on June 12, 1994. OJ Simpson took the stand facing two counts of murder. ┬áSimpson and Brown had divorced in 1992, and they had two children, Justin and Sydney. OJ had tried to reconcile with his wife numerous times with no success. Evidence collected at the crime of the scene made police as well as detectives make their key suspect OJ Simpson. Nicole was stabbed numerous times in the neck region as well as the head, and had wounds on her hand as well. People say that the OJ Simpson case is a defining moment in Americans impression of the law. This trial uncovered that Americans saw wrongdoing and peace as a rule through racial focal points. For example, African Americans trusted that OJ couldn’t do such a thing because he was an honest human being. On the other side the White people trusted that even though he was a superstar, he could still do bad things and should be charged. It is clear that the perspectives of both white and black people were heavily influenced by race as well as the criminal justice system. Since there were adequate findings Simpson was guilty on the white side, but the black people looked at the trial as just another black man who is generally racist towards such people. By watching this video I learned a lot of things. I learned that racism plays a huge part in everyday life, even in the courtroom. It really surprised me that the detective would plant a sock in the scene to get OJ Simpson incarcerated. It also really surprises me that the detective could use such vulgar language towards one group of people, it is just wrong to be like that. I learned that at any age people can be so childish, as the lawyers hit below the belt the whole entire case. The case uncovered that most Americans needed truth, which was elusive to establish not unless O.J. Simpson said he murdered his ex and her companion. The case demonstrated that when a murder happens, most Americans expect the people to set up truth as opposed to seek after justice for the advantage of all gatherings involved.The case uncovered that Americans’ wrong desires for this situation were established on their inability to comprehend that in a criminal justice system, the main way that the administration and the jury have for demonstrating whether somebody is liable of murder is exclusively by means of confirmation, witnesses and sensible conclusions; because of their inability to comprehend this cardinal standard of justice, they were not ready to see that proof, witnesses, and sensible conclusions from the proof displayed and they called attention to that O.J. Simpson was not blameworthy. This murder and the famous trial depicted the most noticeable case of the profound deep-seated tension amongst blacks and whites and how they comprehended the American criminal justice system which is basic to settling of law and support of request. The case uncovered the challenge amongst blacks and whites in regards to the American criminal justice system based along the up to this point to a great extent unaltered racial lines. Despite the fact that, most white individuals misconstrued black celebration, the celebration was not tied in with being glad on the grounds that a liable black individual had been set free. The celebration was about blacks’ bliss that eventually a black American had faced the every now and again uncalled for framework and demonstrated it is imperfect. It was an affirmation to their long held conviction that the claims made against OJ, a black American couldn’t be demonstrated in the court and the cautious eye of the country. For the black Americans, Johnnie Cochran was an impression of what the American criminal justice system and to some degree the whole lawful framework was about. From multiple points of view, blacks’ celebration uncovered their fulfillment with Johnnie Cochran’s splendid resistance of his customer against a much of the time unreasonable legitimate framework. As opposed to what many whites thought, their celebration was not an impression of blacks’ absence of concern with respect to the casualties who were severely killed. It was celebration of the criminal justice system at long last enabling an amazing American legal counselor to get past it when many had flopped in such manner.The O.J. Simpson case was an ideal depiction of the features that constitute the American racial, social, and lawful history. The case was an ideal portrayal of how standard Americans, and in addition, American press comprehend the laws along racial lines. The racial way to deal with issues of law, arrange, and legitimate framework and its procedures for this situation clarifies the twisted comprehension of equity and how the criminal equity framework functions by both high contrast Americans. To some degree and most lamentably, the case uncovered that individuals and especially the whites favored and were satisfied with the old criminal justice system where indictment does not need to demonstrate a case convincingly. Individuals’ negative response particularly among the whites was an impression of an open that was despondent with a working criminal justice system. The case uncovered a segment of the American culture that disliked a system that requires the indictment to stick to the constitution, play decently with all confirmation and demonstrate cases past every single sensible uncertainty regardless of the races, sexual orientation or religions included.