The buy ethical products that do not use

The fight against child labour can only be won if we play
our part. I call out upon everyone to take actions. These are some of my


Ø  Demanding transparency from companies in their production process

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No companies would produce what no one buys. Individuals like us are
consumers who are the fuel for companies holds greater influence over their
decisions then we realise. However, I alone am not sufficient to make a change. Companies will only
take notice and follow up when there is sufficient evidence of consumer’s concern.
An example would be posting on social media about your concern and spread it
on. With enough people talking about it, the companies would be pressurised to
respond. When under the spotlight, companies would also stop using materials
using child labour due to consumer pressure. Demanding
transparency would drive companies place efforts to investigate/ trace back to
their sources, where most child labour occurs.


Moreover, a study by label insight have shown that Companies also
benefits from being transparent.

Nearly all consumers
(94%) are likely to be loyal to a brand that offers complete transparency.
Almost three in four
consumers (73%) say they would be willing to pay more for
a product that offers complete transparency in all attributes.       (Label
Insight, 2018)

advanced technology, information surrounding the issues can be accessed with
just the click of a button. We can easily access on the information and manufacturer
audit reports. If the company is found to be using untraceable sources, we may
raise concerns towards the company. Thus, with the knowledge of existing child
labour, companies would be more stringent in its policies and regulations and
well and transparent in its sources of raw material to counter child labour.

In conclusion,
if there is no market demand for the products being made by child labourers, companies
would not produce it. Thus, I hope to see concern regarding child labour raised
towards the company, the start of eliminating child labour.

In addition, consumers can also press for more information by contacting
manufacturers, importers and retail stores, asking questions regarding the
origins of their products. Make it clear to them that you buy ethical products
that do not use child labour.


yourself om the issue

labour be solved just by looking at the surface of the problem, helping
children from working will not help to eliminate child labour. We must address
the causes of these problems such as lack of access to education and poverty. With
advanced technology, information surrounding the issues can be accessed with
just the click of a button. Gain understanding of the causes and implications
and know what you are fighting for.


Share your time and money

We can start by going without our daily expensive or even reduce
the frequency of eating out. Funnel our part of our savings to projects or
organisations such as UNECIF that are freeing children from exploitative labour.
Do volunteer when you have time, help to create awareness of child labour.

However, donation is not a long-term solution as there is so
limited resources to provide help to reach out to the child labourers.  Therefore, every bit of help and contribution
is a step towards reducing child labour.



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