The the theory of evolution and the

The human body is a machine which winds its own spring”- Julien Mettrie.
We live in an amazing world. The greatest of all creation is man himself, the
marvellous machine-precise and efficient. Although this statement complies with
biology, it has also motivated me to study biomedical science with the aim of
becoming a gynaecologist. I have
always been fascinated with how the human body works. The complexity of
communication between cells astounds me; especially the reproductive system,
which is a collection of internal organs and external genitalia that works
together to generate new life. In studying a Degree in Biomedical Science I
hope to develop my own understanding of the inner workings of the human body,
so that I can fully appreciate every aspect of its elaborate and intricate

My choice of A-Levels have shown
how dedicated I am towards pursuing a career in the medical line, as well as
pushing me beyond my known boundaries; teaching me to think logically and sequentially
when approaching problems. Studying Biology and Chemistry have helped me understand
the functions of the body in more depth, additionally I have improved my
laboratory skills, relevant in the biomedical field. Religious Studies has
given me an insight into the theory of evolution and the scientific aspects of
creation, as well as philosophical links. It has enabled me to look at science
from a different perspective, and this compliments my A-level studies in both subjects.  To further extend my research and independent
learning skills I have chosen to undertake an EPQ ‘investigating how the cure
to tuberculosis has not yet had an impact on the disease in Africa’.

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I recently completed two weeks’
work experience at Kings College Hospital. I was able to work with specialised
obstetricians and gynaecologists observing how they carry out their various primary
roles, which include; examining patients, treating various
diseases and medical problems related to female reproduction. I had the
opportunity to perform an x-ray test called ‘selective salpingography’, which
is used to identify any possible diseases affecting the fallopian tube. I was
also able to communicate and build a good relationship with the patients and
other staff. Another rewarding, and challenging placement involved volunteering
at my local pharmacy. I was able to observe how different drug prescriptions were
made, which included counting and checking the dosage of medication.

I am able to balance academics with extra-curricular activities;
I am a member of the sixth form prefect team, I attend regular meetings and assist
with school events such as open evenings/mornings and parents evening. As my
form’s charity representative, I have been able to organise successful charity events
to raise money.  I am also a peer mentor
and I volunteer once in a week to assist younger students who are struggling
academically either with reading or writing. I took part in the National
Citizen Services (NCS) during summer 2014, which was a three-week programme, that
helped me to develop my leadership and teamwork skills. It was a fantastic
experience, as I have been able to build my independence and confidence which
is a key to succeeding in university.

To enrich my knowledge in the Biomedical field, I completed
an online course on the topic ‘Anti-microbial stewardship’.  This course focused on Antimicrobial
resistance and how it has become a global health issue, as microorganisms such
as bacteria are now resistant to antibiotics. In addition, I gained an insight into
how our behavioural changes could play a part in reducing the chances of future

I believe my teamwork, organisation and problem solving
skills will help further develop my learning. I look forward to the prospect of
undertaking a Degree in Biomedical Science, pursuing a Postgraduate Degree in Medicine
and my career ambition is to thrive as a leading Gynaecologist.