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The relationship between organizational development and innovation is a process of improved change of the organization, along with specific components and direct response to the changes that take place within the environment.  Most organizations will adapt to changes through an absorption process of new learning and the organization’s current internal knowledge.  Usually, the organization’s concrete learning occurs through a process of nearly full participation of the employees, making sure they too have been a key through the entire transformation process, this equates to a higher chance of success.  

Usually, innovation is acquired through researching knowledge from outside of the organization through processes which gives way to a new idea, method, or product, which should result in a positive outcome for the entire organization. The learning ability of any organization is critical in forming new ideas within an organization. By innovating, the organization can increase its worth and provide a better direction to follow into the future, which in turn will increase the organization’s longevity, without innovation, the organization can become stagnant and become weaker against the competition.

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My own experiences have seen and been a part of an organization that in its beginning was a “powerhouse” within the industry. When the founders created the organization, they “hit the ground running” with new ideas and a process of taking care of their employees that were second to none. This company in its infancy needed no innovation as it was running fast and hard through the industry. The one mistake they made was not to have any development or innovation process that could protect them from becoming stagnant and weakening against the competition. For some reason they should have had a standardized process which included both managers and employees, making sure everyone was continuing to learn and coming up with an innovation process to keep a “head of the curve. For some reason, the organization’s upper management became complacent and did not provide or instruct or put into action any new processes that might generate innovation and create new ideas or product. The result was the organization seeing the light and trying desperately to get back on track to be able to compete again, Unfortunately, it was a little too late, the organization was bought through liquidation. I guess, everything “gets old” including ideas and products, it is part of the formula for success to be able to innovate and develop new ideas for any organization.