There evil. He uses an owl to represent

There are a lot of good in the world, but there may also be a lot of evil that exists. This story written by Rudolfo Anaya discusses about a young man and an elderly lady attempting to end the battle amongst good and evil that is happening through their town during World War II. In the novel Bless Me, Ultima Anaya uses characters to explore the true meanings of good and evil by comparing those that believe and those who don’t believe, death of Lupito and Narciso, and including characters that are both good and bad.    It can be seen in the novel that Anaya uses animals as a way to symbolize good and evil. He uses an owl to represent Ultima, and to portray as a good character. Many people believe that Ultima is truly a bruja simply based on the fact that they do not understand her and her powers. Throughout the novel she does nothing but help guide Antonio in hopes of teaching him how to become a man of learning. In Chapter 10, it is revealed that Uncle Lucas have been cursed by the Trementina sisters. Therefore Ultima agrees to cure him and with the help of Antonio she was able to do that. “I will go and cure your brother” (Anaya 85). Ultima fills the role of helping Antonio understand better the difference between right and wrong in many different ways as shown throughout the novel. In Chapter 12, Narciso comes up with a test that Ultima had to do in order to prove to the people from the town she wasn’t a witch. The test was for her to pass through a door guarded by a sign of the cross. “It is true that no person of evil, no bruja can walk through a door guarded by the sign of the Holy Cross” (Anaya 134). As a result, she was able to walk the guarded door proving her innocence. Regardless of all the good that may exist in the world, evil also exists  and Anaya also shows that by representing Tenorio.    Anaya represents evil by showing it through the character of Tenorio. Evil is also symbolized by coyotes in the novel. For example, ” A bruja cannot be buried in a casket made of a pine or pinon or cedar” (Anaya 139). After one of the Trementina sister dies, they were not able to be buried in a pinon coffin, so the sisters had to wove a cottonwood coffin. Lucas enters the forest where he sees the Trementina sisters dancing as fireballs and casting evil spells. This shows that the Trementina sisters and Tenorio are the truly the ones that are evil. Besides all the good and evil mentioned in this novel Antonio learns about all this with the guidance of Ultima leading him through it.    Another example of Antonio’s sense of development in good and evil is his home. Antonio’s home means a lot to him, because it provides warmth and safety which mkaes him feel protected from all the evil from the world.   Antonio’s father creates a sense of protection in the home.  When Tenorio and his men come to his house to take Ultima away, Tony’s father “would let no man invade his home” (pg 123).  This gave Tony faith that as long as his father was around, he would be protected.  Antonio’s mother made home a loving and caring place to be.  She would always baby Antonio and give him the affection he needed whenever he needed it.  The morning after Tony had seen Lupito killed, Ultima tells Tony’s mother not to be too hard on Antonio; he had a hard night last night.  His mother puts her arms around Tony and holds him saying he “is only a boy, a baby yet” (Pg.28).  The Virgin also makes the atmosphere of Antonio’s home peaceful and protected.  Tony loves the Virgin Mary because “she always forgave” (Pg. 42).  Tony thought she was “full of a quiet, peaceful love” (Pg.42) which she filled the home with.  The most important person who contributed to the goodness of Antonio’s home was Ultima.  She made Antonio feel as though her presence filled the home with safety, love, and a sense of security.  When Tony saw Lupito get killed, it was Ultima who calmed him.  Whenever he had a nightmare, Ultima was there to comfort Antonio and “he could sleep again” (Pg. 34).  Ultima’s fearlessness against Tenorio and his three bruja daughters made Antonio feel as though he would be safe wherever Ultima was and since Ultima was always at his house, she made his home feel safe.     Overall, the events that Antonio comes across to has helped him discover and understand the true meaning of good and evil as well as the difference between both sides. This may relate to my own life in a way because I am still learning about what is good and evil everyday. It is impossible for me to know everything about good and evil unless I have personally experienced it, so the only way would be for me to see it myself in order to learn about the difference.