There “Mr. Madison’s War” so they said

There was a presidential election in 1808, in which James Madison won against Charles Pinckney and he became America’s 4 th president. As Madison was president he faced some problems overseas, because the British and the French were continuing their horrific attacks on some of the American ships. In addition to making it harder for the U.S. to trade. Then the Britains started to take some U.S. sailors for the Britain navy and they also began supporting American Indians in battles against U.S. settlers.For revenge, James Madison made an announcement that america is going to war against Britain in 1812. But when James had made that announcement he did not realize that America was not ready. Some of the reasons were because the congress didn’t have enough money and they didn’t have a prepared and ready to fight army. Also many states did not like the idea of having war against Britain which was called “Mr. Madison’s War” so they said they would not let their soldiers leave for battle and join this army. Ignoring these flaws, Americans still tried to fight and attack the British. The U.S. met defeat much of the time both on land and at sea, but its well-built ships let them down.The 1812 war kept on going, while that time Madison went to a re-election against DeWitt Clinton who was a Federalist candidate. But when the elections were over madison again won and became president. Regardless the victory of Madison he was always getting criticized and blamed by the community because of the growing difficulties of the war. There wasn’t a lot of trade going between the Americans and the Europeans due to that was really hurting all the American merchants again. The Federalists underestimated  Madison’s efforts. then later madison Madison was forced and exiled out of Washington, D.C., in August 1814 the British soldiers started to invaded and burn buildings, and some of the buildings were the White House, the Capitol, and the Library of Congress.Finally, tired from battle both Britain and the U.S. came to an agreement to negotiate an end to the war. The Treaty of Ghent was signed in December 1814 in Europe. But before America got the news of the Treaty, America already won a  major battle against New Orleans, made them a little happy and helped shine a positive light on the war. But throughout the wars they won some of them that made the americans braver. When he was blamed for the losses of the wars, they still liked him for his other wins. those were some of the effects that James Madison did that changed the world, First he decide to have war with the british, which was called “Mr. Madison’s War.” Some of the british stole some of soldiers from America but James Madison still wanted to continue with the war even though he had many flaws in his plans he still continued. After continuous attempts against the British James Madison finally admit defeat. They came on a agreement to have peace.