There in the classroom.. Teachers should be


are many researches which show that classroom  management is a crucial factor that affects students’
learning.  Effective instruction  is fundamental to students’ language
acquisition and it cannot be achieved without proper classroom  management.  (Doyle, 1986) defines the term classroom  management as actions and strategies that
teachers use in the class in order to maintain order and discipline.  Recently this concept has been elaborated
further down. According to  (Martin &
Baldwin, 1992 ) classroom management refers to learning students’ behavior,
social interaction  in the classroom
including students, instructions and discipline issues. Teaching styles have
upgraded in the last decades from 
teacher-centered  classes to
student- centered  classes.  However  the role that teachers play in the
classroom  are irreplaceable and  of 
great importance. Teachers lead the classes by creating  activities and they give instructions to help
students acquire knowledge. Managing students’ behavior is one of the
responsibilities of teachers, especially in primary schools, where misbehavior
can  impose great risk to the
well-development of the class as a society. Classroom  management supports  effective and efficient instructions  which present the greatest tools of teaching as
well as  learning. Teachers, should be
aware of as well as incorporate effective classroom  management methods in order to create a warm
environment suitable for any kind of lesson.

Classroom management is a process
used to ensure effective lesson teaching in spite of students’ disruptive
behavior. Classroom  management as of great importance and one of
the factors that contribute enormously in the success of the learning as well
as the teaching process. So, what should teachers do to make the classroom  management effective?

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of the main methods used to help manage students’ behavior in the class is
setting behaviour rules. Short sentences or simple phrases are to be used in
order for the students to understand the rules and remember easily. However, it
best suggested that the rules do not be appointed by the teachers themselves
but be agreed by the students and the teachers together hence establishing
unity between the teacher and the students in the classroom.. Teachers  should be able to explain and make students
aware of the importance of the rules in the classroom so that the sudents feel
comfortable to follow them consciously. In addition, a written version of the
rules should be created in the form of posters, stickers or a rule-table and
changes should be made to the rules in order for it to hold students’
attention. Such a table of rules should be written in large font, clearly and
creatively which should attract students’ attention all the time in an easily
seen spot. An important aspect  of these
rules in the class is that they should be suitable for the student to follow
inside as well as outside of the classroom. Secondly, it is important for
teachers to use a variety of activities in classroom. Multiple activities
create a positive atmosphere and help teachers manage students effectively as
well. Students should be able to take part in the activities conducted in the
class including playing games, singing songs or telling stories. Teachers also
should be able to stir the classroom’s atmosphere by telling a funny story,
singing or using other methods when students have lost interest or are feeling
sleepy.  On the contrary, if students  have lost focus and are distracted from the lesson
by chatting or engaging in other activities it is recommended for the teacher
to find a solution and attract students’ attention back. Such methods could be,
clapping  or waving their hands,
whistling or using some instruments such as a drum or other attention seeking


Classroom Management
and Organisation and the Effects of the Teacher-

Centred Context:

school language teachers blamed the perception pupils and par­ents had  towards them, making them feel inadequate,
since their work was not taken seriously. Pupils’ dependence on frodistiria alone
resulted in them not focusing on the language lessons provided at state
schools. Language teachers at state schools continued to work through the
course book and did not make any attempts to introduce something new and more
challenging despite being fully aware that the level of their lessons is
extremely low for the pupils in question. As a teacher mentioned in an
interview, teachers were not required to use the course book or complete it by
the end of the school year; nonetheless, they chose to diligently employ it
even though children seemed to resent it, and they themselves were not happy
with the content. In relation to this, as a teacher reported, as children grew
older, the majority would become increasingly less interested in their subject,
so that by the time they reached Year 6 they would become even more difficult
to manage than when they were younger. Teachers blamed the situation on the frodistiria,
claiming that because the lessons that take place there are of a more rapid
pace, children are familiar with the mate­rial presented in their class. This
data relates to Smith and Larsett’s (1999, p. 7) argument that:

difficulties in learning and consequent problems with behaviour of­ten happen
because the content of a lesson is not matched to the ability of the pupils to
whom it is delivered. Because persistent failure can easily result in
disgruntled disaffection, careful scrutiny of the curriculum by subject
departments and by individual teachers is needed to ensure that it is

According to Collin and Laslett (1993), it is often
difficult for a teacher to attend to every sign of misbehaviour, though the
emphasis must be planned ignoring, rather than hoping that the
provocative nuisance will exhaust itself. As most teachers were recorded to
explode, when ignoring misbehaviour, it did not seem planned but a management
technique they had adopted, which was effective for a short amount of time.
Nonetheless, this was considered a suitable attempt to manage misbehaviour.