This has given a new route for

This paper is going to discuss the
effect of cyberbullying among students. Modern technology is like a
double-edged sword, on one hand, it gives us connectivity, on the other hand,
it increases emotional stress (Michel et
al, 2011). With the advancement of technology, so is bullying. The internet
has given a new route for bullies to harass their target that is known by today
society as cyberbullying. Cyberbullying is a type of bullying or harassment
that comes from the usage of Information and Communications Technology (ICT)
such as mobile phones, internet, and the social media just to intentionally
upset the target (Cyberbullying, 2007). Cyberbullying is an act of deliberately
upsetting the victim without having to face the victim in many wide ranges of
unacceptable behaviour, harassment, insults, and threats using popular
networking sites like facebook and twitter that can cause big consequences to
the victim without the bully realize or not. It is generally agreed that
cyberbullying can cause depression, low self-esteem and low academic
performance (lack of concentration in a study).

We agree that depression can be
caused by a lot of things, but one of them is caused by cyberbullying. Depression
is defined as a mental disorder that presents with depressed mood, loss of
interest or pleasure and loss of concentration. It is often related to anxiety
symptoms according to Marcus et al,
(2012). In general, depression is an overwhelmed feeling that can make a depressed
person be less energetic, feeling unable to cope with life and have health
problems. For example, the victim may seek help or share their problem with
social media but received negative feedback from their reader.

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is said that the victims of cyberbullying and low self-esteem are related and
we agree with this statement. According to Patchin et al, (2010), cyberbullying victims and offenders both have
significantly lower self-esteem than those who have not been cyberbullying
victims or offenders. Cyberbullying can cause low self-esteem because of the
negative emotional and psychological effect it gives to the victim. For
example, a boy is being humiliated in a ‘WhatsApp’ group. The next day he may
not have the confidence to face his friends in college after being humiliated online.

to Lauren et al, (2011), the
depressive effect of cyberbullying prevents students from excelling in their
studies that cause low academic performance. Cyberbullying can cause the
victim’s academic performance to become low because of the emotional and
psychological stress the bully left behind to the victim. Majority of the
students were not happy in the class and looked confused during exam perhaps
due to some sort of emotional disturbance according to Faryadi, Q (2011).

makers have an important role to play in re-shaping the school or university
for the better. Students, lecturers, parents as well as the Education Ministry
must support the policymakers to redesign a system that can help the student
who is victimized by the cyberbullies in order to minimize the effect that is
caused cyberbullying. The netizen, who are using the social media, need to be
more ethical and more conscious when using the networking sites. They need to
raise an awareness that depression, low self-esteem, and low academic
performance are caused by cyberbullies who comes from an unethical, cancerous
and toxic community of the cyberspace.