This Peoples might have to do some dangerous

This essay discusses the
issues of fake news and that whether they can be harmful to the modern society
or not. Craig (2016) has argued that people are spreading news through social
media which is affecting the society and thus causing war. Fake news is a real
threat and it can be dangerous when the government is regulating fake news.   National Public Radio (2016)

Firstly, fake news can be
harmful to people’s health for e.g. if a news comes out about some disease and
trusting these fake news may lead people to make decisions which can be harmful
to people’s health. Kelly (2017) says that in all of the classifications of
fake news, health news is the most dangerous. Health news is dangerous because
many people believe in this news which is affecting their health. There are
several websites that give false information on a specific disease, treatments
and thus gaining profit from it. If people ae getting false information on
their healthcare, it may kill or injure them. Peoples might have to do some
dangerous treatments if they are getting false information. Beck, J. (2017)

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 Secondly, fake news utilizes the utilities of
social networks. Knyirik (2017) says that around 20,000 people read the news every
day; in addition to that many readers see these fake news content on Facebook
or YouTube. Social media is the main reason that fake news is harmful; people
are spreading fake news through social media, especially Facebook, for e.g.
when the 2016 U.S election was going on, people use to spread fake news on
Donald Trump and Hilary Clinton. This caused tensions between nations and lead
to the ruling of social media, and yet peoples did not agree on how much of a
problem it is and how it will affect the society. Carson, J. (2018). Another
e.g. is when Donald Trump tweeted that Hilary Clinton spent millions of dollars
on the presidential election, after this many people thought it is true and
they changed their vote to Donald Trump, this is how this news got spread all
over Facebook thus resulting in Donald Trump winning the election. Independent

Last but not the least, fake
news also harms the political well-being of people. Cameron (2017) says that
‘real democracy is the best source against corruption’. Cameron also said that
Donald Trump uses the term fake news to his advantage which is not a political
strategy, it is dangerous. People are getting affected by the term fake news
and it is affecting their approach to democracy. The social media is too strong
so fake news is spreading more and more which is resulting in war. It is also
changing  people’s life in a negative
way.  There are some ways where peoples
can determine whether this news is real or fake; peoples should check the
reliability of the source, check with other peoples and take their opinion on
whether the news is fake or real. Kessler, G. (2016)     

To conclude, whether fake
news is harmful and yes it is harmful because there are many affects and
consequences that peoples have to face in the future. Fake news should be
stopped to prevent wars and further destruction of the democracy of the