This Logistic manager than he says him to

This trip is arranged
by UMT OCS Department and the purpose of this trip is to develop the practical
knowledge of supply chain to UMT students. When we reached at Dawn bread
industry than first met with HR manager, Procurement manager and Logistic
manager on conference room of dawn bread. HR manager introduce our self and
also procurement & Logistic manager than he says him to introduce our self
so our whole class has introduce our self-one by one. Than our class
coordinator Prof. Kamran Rashid says to HR manager that tell us about dawn Bread
Company and how they work and specially we want to know about company supply
chain and how supply chain department are worked.

HR manager tells us
about the product of Dawn bread. Company makes the different type of products
like breads, Buns, Cup Cake, Shawarma bread, Dan rusk etc. and deliver all our
the country.

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Initially logistic
manager should tell us about supply chain but logistic manager can’t explain
about supply chain and he start to ask him questions that “what is supply
chain”, “How they worked”. He answer him about definition of supply chain in
one sentence that is “supply chain is a network of provide services”. He also tells
us about logistic that it’s very difficult to handle the transportation and he manages
250 vehicles. He organizes the storage and distribution of good because the
life of product is 4 to 5 days. He controls all vehicles from our mobile and he
knows where vehicle is going and where vehicle is stop. He also tells us about
different mode of logistic like car, truck, train, and airplane. He also
communicates with suppliers, customer and retailers to make profitable deals.
He also makes records of warehouse stock, executed stock. We are shocked
because he says LIFO & FIFO method are same. He says I explain later about
LIFO & FIFO method is same but at later he doesn’t explain about LIFO &
FIFO method. Company faces a challenge of product life but in future he
installs a new plant that helps him to increase product life. He makes a
strategy to include nitrogen gas in packing to improve product life in future.

Manager is strategizing to find cost-effective deals and suppliers. The Procurement Manager’s is to discover the
best ways to cut procurement expenses, so that the company can invest in
growth and people. He also tells us about “what is the difference
between of procurement and Purchase”. He says purchase mean to buy anything and
to buy what you want. And procurement is a complete procedure of how to buy the
things. when any department need raw material than he go to procurement manager
or also send e mail about require raw material than procurement manager contact
to different vendors and vendor send product sample to procurement manager then
procurement manager select one sample who have the best price and quality of
product than procurement manager send e mail to finance manager for cash to purchase
the product. He place order and vendor send the product when product is arrived
in company than procurement manager are count the quantity and also check the
quality after that he send payment to vendor and he make record of raw material
and he kept one invoice of raw material in our record and one invoice provide
to finance department. It’s all about procurement cycle.

the discussion of supply chain we request to HR manager that we want to see physically
all supply chain process than he give him an employee for visit all

assistant of supply chain manager tells us all procedures. First we see the
supply chain of BUN. Bun is make with plan flour so first the employee do
weight the plan flour on scale and then he put into machine and machine make
the mixture of water and plan flour and employee make the record that how much
time consumed to make a mixture of water and plan flour. After that the mixture
of plan flour go to next stage and then machine make a small circle pieces of
plan flour mixture and with the machine shelf the circle pieces go to next
stage and circle shape convert to bun shape after that bun put into trays and
that stage he check the quality of bun. After the fine quality of bun goes to
next stage that is machine provide the heat to bun and he put to oven and bun
automatically going to next stage that is packing the bun. But before packing
the bun once again check the quality of bun. According to customer demand he
makes different type of packing. For example two buns in one packet and four buns
in one packet and also six and eight bans in one packet it’s depend on customer
demand. At the end he puts into carton and sends to different customers.

also request to HR manager that we want to see the procedure of bread but he
says him sorry because he don’t have time so that why we thanks to HR Manager.
But in my opinion it was not a good experience because all managers don’t give
him enough information about supply chain and also it’s physical process. After
that when we sit in UMT Bus than we decide to eat the burger so we go to Burger
King and place the order of burgers than we eat the burger but at the end this
burger also is not fine but fries are too good. It’s all about the report of