Thousands athletes training in the Olympics. He took

Thousands of women are using two
words on social media to identify themselves as survivors of sexual harassment
and assault today, it’s #MeToo. Actress Alyssa Milano shared the idea on
Twitter and it quickly went viral.

big aftereffect of the Me Too Movement is Larry Nassar’s case. Nassar was the
doctor for athletes training in the Olympics. He took his position and used it
to take advantage of young women. It’s one of the worst sexual abuse scandals in
the history of sports. And it went on for more than two decades. How did he get
away with it?

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Nassar had
celebrity-like status in the elite gymnastics and sports medicine world. U.S.A
Gymnastics gave him countless awards. He was inducted into Michigan State
University’s hall of fame and governors appointed him to state licensing
boards. He even secured a patent for an ankle brace he invented. Nassar’s patients
felt honored to be treated by the best of the best. Nassar typically carried
out his abuse under the guise of a medical treatment. He practiced a rare
pelvic therapy, that involves vaginal penetration, and used it to treat all
sorts of ailments. He ignored protocol, such as using a glove, asking consent, or
having a medical chaperone present.

When confronted
by parents, coaches, and eventually investigators, Nassar said patients may
have misunderstood his therapy. Medical colleagues deferred to his expertise.
After a 2014 investigation cleared his name, Nassar was just reminded to follow

In the
training camps of elite gymnastics, where coaches are notoriously hard on
athletes, Nassar manipulated girls into believing he was a trusted friend,
advocate, and even their protector. Nassar won over family members by offering
a free treatment, a quick diagnosis, or often the pretense of transparency. He
frequently molested young girls with parents in the room, using a draped towel
or practiced positioning to conceal where his fingers were massaging.

It’s still
unclear who knew what when, but Nassar’s employers focused on their reputations
and failed to protect the young women in their care. When U.S.A Gymnastics got
a complaint about Nassar in 2016, the organization paid the gymnast $1.25
million to stop her from speaking about the abuse. Complaints about Nassar’s
treatments reached officials at Michigan State University as 1997. That’s
twenty years before the doctor was terminated. No one at the University
believed that Nassar committed sexual abuse prior to the newspaper reports in
the summer of 2016. Nassra’s victims say that if the university had
investigated the first complaint, young girls may have escaped the doctor’s

How does
Larry Nassar’s sexual abuse case tie into current events with some form of the
administration of justice within the police? Sexual abuse is all around us and
often people might not even know they are being sexually abused. There are a
couple different signs of sexual abuse.

Some of the
signs of sexual abuse include: acting out inappropriately/sexually, nightmares/sleeping
problems, becoming withdrawn or clingy, outbursts of anger, and changes in
eating habits.

with the recent Me Too Movement there has been a spike in the number of sex
abuse cases. Men and women all over are uniting to stand up and share their
stories; feeling like they are no longer alone. Though many brave individuals
are coming out and letting their stories be heard, there are still a large
number of cases that go unknown.

 Law enforcement has specific instructions to
follow when dealing with a sexual abuse case. Many of these steps can be scary
for the victim, especially steps like getting a rape-kit done or being
interviewed for information.

recent events men and women need to know that reporting sexual abuse doesn’t
make them weak. And not reporting it doesn’t mean it didn’t happen. The world
is full of messed up people doing messed up things and those who have been in
the dark are finally being heard. The Me Too Movement is to let people know it’s
okay to admit what happened. It’s okay to let others know, to talk about it,
and to heal from the traumatic experience.

conclusion, thousands of women are using two words on social media to identify themselves
as survivors of sexual harassment and assault today, it’s #MeToo. Actress
Alyssa Milano shared the idea on Twitter and it quickly went viral.