Throughout the light bulb to Johann Gutenberg inventing

Throughout history many invention has made an impact for
society which later makes an impact for the whole of humanity and later
evolved. From Thomas Edison inventing the light bulb to Johann Gutenberg
inventing the printing press. However, the invention of radio has caused the
most impact for society as it provided society with easier communication and
later on entertainment alongside with access to information. Guliemlo Maroni the
Italian man who is credited as the inventor of radio. Marconi read a biography
from Heinrich Hertz, a German physicist who proved the theory of
electromagnetic waves to which Marconi used his experiment by sending
transmissions from one side of the room to the other. Marconi took his idea to
the Italian government for support seeing a potential use of the technology.
The Italian government had no interest in his idea, having Marconi to take his
idea and move to England. Marconi combined the idea of his idea and having
people communicate with his invention (Coe 1997). Though Marconi popularised
his idea the early device was used as a communication for Ships in the Navy to
contact other ships or a land station, the idea of broadcasting messages to
larger groups of listeners until later. Though the radio was invented in the 19th
century it has evolved to a means of communication for the military then
evolving for radio broadcast of the people and with all that time pass it is
still a current means of entertainment for the people and communication for the
military. Of course times goes by and things change a lot and as things change
everything more inventions are being to make humanities life easier. Since
Digital technology and the internet has been discovered surprisingly radio is
not a dying race in the industry. With all the access to the internet and
television, people would expect the radio industry to die out but surprisingly
with all the usage of digital technology and the internet it is actually
improving the usage of radio and earning more listeners.


The Radio industry plays a big role for people in this modern
era. Due to people’s business it was the one of few sources that people could
get vital information (Keith 2000). These days it is not represented in high quality
due to other competition between other companies for the best production especially
against televisions. As technology improves every company will try to catch up
in order to stay on top of the competition which will satisfy the high demand
of consumers.  Though radio may seem like
a dying industry with all the TV and the internet but in fact the radio
industry is actually very popular as one of the main characteristics of the
radio is to broadcast informational sources to which the sources are received
from news, internet and television (2013). According to Radio Station (Keith
2000) the radio industry heavily relies on technological advances as well as
the technology itself. So how has the digital technology improved the radio? What
does the radio industry have to do in order keep the radio in high demand? Digital
audio broadcasting (DAB) allows the radio broadcast system for mobile phones
and portable as well as for portable devices it improves the sound quality and
the data service to homes and cars which also offers high spectrum efficiency and
clear reception for motor vehicles. With this step up and improvement of technology
it increases the demand which will cause people to seek for the exact type of
broadcasting when it comes to radio.

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This is considered on of the most important technological
development as it was one of the first innovation for the radio industry as
well as for the consumer (Radio 2011).  


With all the development of video engineering it seems as if
the radio industry would go down to the ground and possibly become extinct, but
instead another technology that intensifies the radio industry is the internet
radio. Since the internet is very big in this era and popular it has become can
integral part of everybody’s live. This technology allows a person to start a
global adventure in radio owing to the new mean of audio communication. The
internet radio model has become very effective for many reasons.