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Throughout the time
communication played and plays an essential role due to the fact that it allows
an unlimited circle of people to receive various information, using it for
their own personal purposes. At the same time, Internet communication allows
you to send text messages, sounds, images and video. Mass communication covers
today all spheres of human activity and social relations: beginning from
communication between relatives and friends, ending with the management of
large enterprises.

As James Humes said “The art of
communication is the language of leadership”, we must emphasize the importance
of communication in the field of work and business. In simple words everything
happens by communicating. The sender sends his message to the partner who
processes the message and gives the answer – this is the process of
communication. Without proper communication, two people can never agree on
something. If the boss is able to
correctly convey information to his subordinates, then the productivity and
effectiveness of the work of employees increase dramatically, because they work
better when they know what they are expected of. The
ability to communicate with people properly, courteously and tactfully, has
become an important factor in obtaining a position and further promotion
through the career ladder. Communication is so important in business relations
that in many large corporations there are whole divisions whose only ultimate
goal is to make sure that all outgoing messages from the firm were correctly
drawn up so that the word in them was valid and accurate.

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