Title distribution of furniture. Straight lines also predominate.


The Right Furniture to Achieve a Classic Office Decoration

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The furniture used in the office says a lot about the work
environment in the office. It speaks a lot about the personality of the people
working there thus it becomes very important to use the best executive office
furniture for a professional look to impress your clients


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The offices with a classic style decoration are always
present. It is a style of decoration that has survived the passage of time and
has many followers. A very traditional style that is a guarantee of elegance in
any office. The sophistication that conveys this type of decoration is
something to keep in mind when we start to decorate an office in case we are
interested in transmitting certain concepts through decoration. Therefore, in
this article we will discuss the easiest and simplest way to achieve a classic
office decoration. Following these tips, you can get a classic style decoration
that will delight all customers.

The tips for a
classic office decoration

Classic style
decoration features

To get a classic office you must have these characteristics:

To give that image of elegance the important thing
is that the office furniture is made of wood or similar material. The most
common woods are mahogany or oak, although that already depends on the color
tone you want the wood.

The colors have to be soft on a palette that has
white, brown, ocher, beige, cream, black and reddish tones.

There must be certain symmetry in the placement
and distribution of furniture. Straight lines also predominate.

The office must have what it takes to function
properly, but the ornaments and aesthetic details are essential. Have some
paintings that complement the decoration, plants, carpets, porcelain objects

If you have a window and place a curtain, it has
to be a silk or velvet cloth.

The most suitable
furniture to achieve a classic office decoration

Now it is going to list a list of furniture that should not
be missing in a classic decoration worth its salt.

1. Sofa Cambridge: This sofa is a must in a classic office.
The Cambridge sofa combines great comfort with an English-style design. It is
an ideal sofa to receive visitors or sit and relax from the stress of the
office. It is a sofa suitable for offices or for rest rooms.

2. Table Manager: 
this table stands out for its straight lines that provide the user with
a sense of depth. An extensive program of classical and timeless cutting with
excellent performance. It is a very functional table that is perfect for any
office space. There are many finishes, those that highlight the finishes of
dark wood and light wood.

3. Chesterfield chair: 
this chair is elegant and gives distinction to any office or office. To
emphasize the captioned finish elaborated in a traditional way by artisan
upholsterers. The Chesterfield office armchair stands out for its excellent
finish. This seat has an enveloping and extremely comfortable backrest.

4. Cube chair:  this
chair is perfect for all types of work spaces. An ideal chair for your visits,
meeting rooms, training areas, collective spaces, receptions and much more. The
harmonious lines of the seat and its elegant upholstery with parallel stitching
reflect a well-defined identity and personality with extensive personalization

5. Infinity Shelving: It is a shelf that has many
customization options and that goes perfectly to classic decoration offices
because it can fit countless books and documents. It also allows you to
personalize it with a pine or dark wood finish.