TitleIn story, another main character by the

TitleIn the short story “Winter Dreams”, author F. Scott Fitzgerald follows a young boy, Dexter Green, on his journey through life, wealth, and love. Throughout the story, another main character by the name of Judy Jones has an everlasting effect on Dexter. Dexter came from a middle class family with a goal of making money to achieve what would be called “New Wealth”. On the other hand, Judy comes from a very wealthy family and did not have to do much of anything to get where she wanted to be, this is referred to as “Old Wealth”. ¬†Fitzgerald uses two main literary devices, foils and characterization, to make the characters embody their types of wealth. By doing this, Fitzgerald criticizes society’s outlook on social classes and urges the reader to realize that love and wealth do not coincide because Fitzgerald’s outlook on how wealth affects society is evident through how he emphasizes the differences between Dexter and Judy. Dexter comes from a middle class family and works as a caddy at a golf course in town. Opposed to his coworkers who use the job to provide for their families, Dexter is just using it as a means of pocket money. When Dexter becomes captivated by Judy, attaining her becomes just as important as attaining wealth. At this point, Fitzgerald is painting a very materialistic picture of the young Dexter, yet he still has good things to say about him, “But do not get the impression, because his winter dreams happened to be concerned at first with musings on the rich, that there was anything merely snobbish about the boy” (2). Fitzgerald is returning to the idea of old money versus new money through the foil of Dexter and Judy. When Judy is first introduced, he makes it apparent that she has an arrogant personality because of her inherited money. Here he is contrasting that by using Dexter’s wish of wealth and showing that although Dexter aspired to have nice things, he did not feel entitled to others because of it. Dexter felt as though to win the love of Judy he had to be wealthy since she saw herself as superior to others because of her wealth.Fitzgerald uses characterization to embody the types of wealth that Dexter and Judy represent which in turn shows that wealth alone does not bring people love. From the beginning it is evident that Dexter strives to make money, while Judy never had to work for what she got.