To on the basis of Nakshatras (constellation). Vimsottari

To get deep insights about yourself and your destiny, a detailed analysis of your birth chart and the planetary positions is required. The relevance and accuracy in any horoscope depends on the precise flawless calculations by an astrologer/system. For this precision in calculation to be achieved, the preparation of one’s horoscope chart is crucial. A highly accurate horoscope chart is the basic requirement to get a more holistic view about anyone’s destiny.The Horoscope or Birth-chart (also popularly known as Janam Kundali) of a newborn is a map of the heavenly bodies, which indicates the positions of the planets and their relation at birth, taking into account, the time and place of birth. The Horoscope shows the sign of Zodiac and the corresponding position of  nakshatras and planets positioned in the twelve houses of the map. The “houses” of the chart marks specific areas of our life in which actions will be carried out, which will be firm or weak depending on the nature and situation of planets that influence them. There are various accurate steps that need to be followed in preparing and offering interpretations of birth charts or Horoscopes. As per Vedic astrology, planets have a fixed number of years, or Mahadasha ( Great period) assigned to them. When you are born, you birth could be under the Mahadasha of any planet. Vimsottari dasa system has a set periodic order of the Mahadasha of planets. It works on the basis of Nakshatras (constellation). Vimsottari dasa starts right after the birth of the native and runs till the end of his life.At Foresight, we do not stop with just the preparation of charts for individuals. It devotes to the various delicate aspects of astrology to deliver the fullest satisfaction to its customers. This process of preparing one’s Horoscope is purely based on complex and deep mathematical calculations, which if done manually, will require lots of time and also will be prone to errors. However, we at Foresight make use of the modern technological marvel – the computer – to do all these calculations. It is made possible with the special software we deploy for each and every horoscope that the calculations are perfect and the data are accurate to the 10th decimal. Now, as we know, that the process of casting one’s Horoscope will be accurate using computers, the remaining part of making predictions can be easily done by an experienced astrologer. We provide our customers an overview of several aspects of their life. That speaks for the continuous support our customers are giving since 1982, by their timeless relationship with us for years together. The voluminous work is executed using softwares used by the best astrologers who are well versed with multilingual and multicultural astrological norms and practices. That talent pool we have, makes delivering Astrological guidance to customers across the globe for customers speaking Hindi, Gujarati, Tamil,Marathi, Kannada Bengali along with English. Whenever a Birth chart is prepared it is done with special attention to point out the effects of planetary states at birth, mutual significators, disposition of planets to cause and counteract evils, are meticulously looked into. When it comes to matchmaking, the prospective brides and grooms are kept in mind and all matchmaking is done for their prosperous married life . We also suggest lucky stones and gems to suit the individual and to weed off any evil or unpleasant orientation of planets or their aspects to one another, planetary periods etc.The pursuit for more information has also been extended and enlarged in today’s world. In Western countries gazing the crystal ball and tarot card reading are still practised by soothsayers. Compared to those practices our method is ancient and considered more authentic , scientific and reliable. Astrology as a subject is consecrated into a divination method due to its ability to provide us with great awareness about our future. Vedic astrology can provide you with significant instructions which could drive you towards your goals and guide your life. Get in touch with Foresight India right away to get a detailed study and preparation of a personalized horoscope chart which can be used to get your online prediction.