United powers with the largest stockpiles of

States have a special responsibility in strengthening international peace as
permanent members of the UN Security Council and as nuclear powers with the largest
stockpiles of nuclear weapons. It is no accident that the main results in the
field of nuclear disarmament were achieved in recent years on the American
track. The main result is the new Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty of 2010.
Today the parties follow it systematically and conscientiously. Discussions
about the fate and prospects of nuclear disarmament are growing, many new ideas
are emerging: from moderate ones, the continuation of reductions under the
START Treaty – to ambitious ones, such as the achievement of a “global
nuclear zero”. There is a strong belief that complete and universal
nuclear disarmament is not a matter of the near future. This is a long process,
for the implementation of which global changes in strategic stability,
strengthening of the nonproliferation regime, strengthening of confidence are
needed. Prior to achieving these goals, the principle of nuclear deterrence, as
a basic element of strategic stability, will remain relevant.

present, there are non-nuclear weapons capable of solving military tasks with
an efficiency comparable to strategic weapons in nuclear equipment. For
example, for air strikes, unmanned aerial vehicles are actively used. Their
effectiveness is confirmed in Afghanistan. It is necessary to take into account
the possibility of placing weapons in outer space, the correlation of
general-purpose forces, and the spread of intermediate-range and shorter-range
missiles in the world, which many states bordering US today have. We still have
to deal with the prospects of using cyber-weapons. Thus, it is possible to
compile a list of weapons and technologies capable of having an impact
comparable to the use of strategic nuclear weapons. Forming such a list and
reflecting the interdependence of its elements is a task for experts.

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