Welcome scene is that he and his team

Welcome to our reporter’s meeting. We are going to about what each of us has prepared for the next issue of the school magazine. So, I would like to start first.


To start with, I will conduct an interview with Percy Jackson, the main actor of the film Percy Jackson and the Olympians: The Lightning Thief. Percy Jackson is the character I respect most in this film. Percy is a troubled kid who has ADHD and dyslexia. He’s always dreaming during lessons but he can concentrate in swimming. He can stay in the water for a very long time. When he was 12 years old, he discovers that he is a half-blood or demigod which is half-human, half-god. His father is Poseidon who controls water in the world. So, Percy is taken to Camp Half-Blood in New York where he starts gaining momentum.

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Secondly, do you wonder why I would like to interview him? I am his fans and I appreciate his brave action and unabated spirit as well as his excellent leadership in the film. He had to battle monsters and evils and rescued his mother from the vicious monsters by himself. The most surprising scene is that he and his team nearly lost their memories in an enchanted Vegas casino, and they had one foot in the grave. Luckily, he realised that and brought his partners Annabeth and Grover to escape from the casino. As to see, he is also a clever boy. Moreover, I want to know how he feels to be a demigod.


Thirdly, I would like to conduct the interview in a swimming pool as he loves swimming very much. Meanwhile, I may ask him to perform his ability to control water. I would take a photo with him with a water wall behind us and include the photo in the school magazine. I ensure that students would like my interview section. During the interviews, I would like to ask him some questions about his life and experiences. For example, I would ask him how he came to accept the mythological world. It’s possibly the same question in every audience’s mind. If I were him, I could not easily accept this fact. Also, I would ask him why he always stuck up against bullies and what gave him the motivation to do so. It would definitely inspire our schoolmates to fight against bullying when they read the magazine as bullying is common and serious in society and many students do not know how to cope with that.


Finally, in order to bring a relaxing and interesting atmosphere to Percy, I would dress up to be Grover who is a half-man, half-goat, and his protector. It sounds more nice and kind to him. Also, I would make him a real pitchfork as a gift to him.


That’s all details of my interview section.  Thank you.