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Well, when it is about to think of our hair styling a hair dryer is a must nowadays. But is it necessary only when we think of styling our hair? Not in our everyday hair dries up? Okay, this is obvious that we all day by day are getting used to reaching for a hair dryer to shorten hair dry up process. And an interesting fact is that there are some federal laws favouring users for safety measures in developed country like the USA. Though at the beginning of its advent, using a hair dryer was not that much comfortable but now it is very user-friendly and there are lots of dryers you would love to use.
So, here is a bit more details about how does a hair dryer work. You will find only two switches in most of the basic models, one is for turning it on or off and another one is for controlling the rate of airflow. You will also find some models with an extra switch that helps you to regulate the temperature of the airflow. When you switch on the dryer, it emits hot air which increases the temperature of the air of the surrounding area of your hair. Blowing of warm air causes water to move from hair into air at the room. There have been developed a lot of designs to make it more user-friendly but the operating system inside the dryer remained mostly same over the years. 
When you apply warm air on your hair the dryer needs simply two parts to blow off the hot air and get your hair dry:

§  a small fan sits inside and run by a motor.

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§  a heating element

Electric energy in a dryer gets converted into convective heat by that small motor-driven fan and the heating element. The whole mechanism is such simple that everyone can understand easily. Let’s have a look at the process.

·       Firstly, by the time you plug-in your hair dryer and turn on the switch, current starts to pass through the hair dryer.

·       Secondly, a circuit, inside the dryer supplies power to the heating element. Hair dryers with lower price range contain such heating element that’s wrapped around by a bare and coiled nichrome wire on an insulating board. But models with comparatively a higher price range, tourmaline or ionic or ceramic technology is used to make the heating element. 

·       Then the electric motor starts spinning after getting the current, which turns the fan that looks like a hydraulic turbine and generate airflow.

·       After that the airflow is pushed through the barrel of the hair dryer. 

·       Finally the generated heat makes hot air travel through and over the heating element and come out the end of the barrel.

Now that we’ve got the heat, let’s see how we can control the heat.
The degree of heat is proportionally related to the wattage. The higher the wattage, the more, the heating element generates heat and transfers to the air. The wattage normally ranges from 100 watts to 2,000 watts. High heat and low heat settings in hair dryer control the power supply and thus it controls the temperature of the airflow. Besides this, some sorts of heating sensor in hair dryers trips the circuit and shuts the motor off when the temperature raises too high. It also has a heat shield made of materials which are the poor conductor of current. It protects you from the heat outside of the dryer when you touch or grab it.
You would find it simple to run a hair dryer with lots of safety features and could give a personal touch to your awesome hair styling. And buying a hair dryer wouldn’t pack that of a big punch to your wallets.