What step, the feet are massaged after being

is so special about chocolate that increases our sensations, body and soul and
makes us feel the way it does? What does chocolate do to us?” Well here’s
the uplifting news. Chocolate contains flavinoids and cancer prevention agents,
which help decrease circulatory strain. Obviously a vast piece of the chocolate
joy is in the taste, a flavorfully rich creation that fulfills the most serious
desiring. Yet, a few substance responses are likewise at work. Chocolate
empowers the discharge of endorphins creating pleasurable sensations and
seratonin likewise found in consumable chocolate is appeared to have mood
lifting effects! So what this means is that we end up having feelings of
happiness, love and passion. The real truth however, is that scientists are not
really positive how the over 300 chemicals contained in chocolate make us feel
so great.

In many parts of the world chocolate is related with sentiment, and not without
justifiable reason. It was seen as a love potion by the Aztec’s who thought it
strengthened men and made ladies less restrained. So when it was first used in
Europe, it turned that chocolate rapidly became the perfect present for a lady
to get from an admirer or a friend or family member, and also opposite. So we
had the Marriage of chocolate and Valentine’s Day.

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any case, when a chocolate sauce is kneaded into your feet or body at a Spa,
what’s happening with it? Well first, it’s not a melted chocolate applied to
the skin right from the microwave. This treatment is created for the body from
chocolate oils, cocoa butter, essential oils, moisturizers and other healthy
hydrating ingredients and yes, it smells just like chocolate.

The Chocolate Spa treatment is massaged, pressed, slathered, and pasted on the
feet, legs and/or body of anyone who wants to indulge. Here’s what happens with
a chocolate pedicure: the feet are soaked and rubbed with a scrub that is clear
in color, but smells like a freshly baked chocolate cake. After the scrub is
removed another chocolate mixture is applied on the feet and legs. Hot towels
are then wrapped around the feet and legs and after ten minutes the chocolate
is wiped away leaving soft, exfoliated, hydrated skin. In the next step, the
feet are massaged after being covered with oil that smells of chocolate-covered
raspberries. It is warm and hydrating on dry winter skin, and provoke a satisfaction
in every sense.

But, the only thing that really matters for chocoholics is that the benefits of
spa chocolate services in pedicures, body treatments, and massages is nothing
short of spectacular. Your mind, body, and soul are left feeling pampered and
very special.