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Where were you on March 3, 1991?How about February 4, 1999?Were you even alive?Do you even know what tragedies took place on these dates?You see, on March 3, 1991, an unarmed man named Rodney King was brutally beaten.By who? Four men who are supposed to be considered our “heros.”Why did they beat him?Well, let me rephrase the first sentenceā€¦On March 3, 1991, an unarmed black man named Rodney King was brutally beaten. You understand now, right?Sean Carroll, Richard Murphy, Edward McMellon, and Kenneth Boss.Four other officers who were responsible for the death of Amadou Diallo on February 4, 1999.An innocent man, he was. So why did they murder him?He was a black male, just grabbing his wallet.”Oh, he’s black, so let’s just assume he’s grabbing a gun and shoot him.”19 out of those 41 shots struck his body,ripped through his skin,allowed blood to disperse everywhere.Do you see the trend?2000.Patrick Dorismond.Malcolm Ferguson .Both, black men.2012.Raymond Allen.Gil Collar.2014. Michael Brown. Eric Garner.Where were you when choke holds are became prohibited by New York Police Department?Where were you when officer Kenneth Lopera broke that law?Where were you when drive-by shootings became illegal in Cleveland?Where were you when it became okay for police to perform them?Where were you when society realized that the victim of that drive-by was 13 years oldand holding a toy gun?One bullet is enough to kill an innocent man yet the men and womenwho are supposed to serve and protect us insist on firing and firing and firinguntil the body of the innocent victim lay limp, bloody, and sprawled across the pavement.Through all the elections,Through all the speeches,Through all their own struggles,Through all the warsThrough all of the generations police have yet to learn the reality behind their actions.So the question is no longer “Where were you?”Or”Where will you be?”Rather.. “Where are you now?”