While parents around, I felt safe, protected

While I sat here by myself, deep in my thoughts and reflecting
on my childhood, I begin taking a stroll down memory lane with every memory flashing
vividly before me as though they were just memories of yesterday. Eventually, I
was brought back in time into the early 90’s where I was the only child to a pair
of parents whom I had loved dearly. Not only do they seem to be doing well
financially at that point of time, their love for me seemed endless as they would
buy me whatever I want. Relatives and co-workers to my parents also seemed to
love and enjoy being around my family so much that they would often tell me how
fortunate I was. With my parents around, I felt safe, protected and well taken
care of. My life was complete, or so I thought.

Halfway throughout my parent’s marriage, my father had
several affairs with different men and eventually, my mother and I no longer had
a place in his heart. The love and bond that my father and I once shared was over
and it wasn’t too long till I discovered that I was no longer his priority. Finally,
their marriage ended in a divorce.

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Ever since then, questions about my father’s action and
his destructive behaviour towards the family came pouring relentlessly into my
mind daily to the point where it started to affect my personal life.

As a result, I was determined to find out what could possibly
be the motivating factors that had fuelled my father into destroying a family
that he had worked so hard to build.

It was through this experience that I felt the desire to venture
forward in the subject of psychology. Over the centuries, psychologists were
able to come up with reasons to explain human experiences and provide insights
to the questions that we may have about ourselves. In this, I saw the light at
the end of the tunnel. There was hope for me – hope of attaining the answers
that I have longed for after all these years.

pursuing my studies in psychology would not only empower me as an individual on
a personal and professional level, it would also enable me to reach out in helping
others overcome their adversities and fight the inner demons in their life. It
is my desire to let them know that their lives are worth living by being there
for them and helping them reach their fullest potential. Or perhaps to simply help them find out who they truly are
as a person without the fear of being discriminated or judged. I know
my parents would want that for me regardless of their past choices in life.

Therefore, with my drive, perseverance and

All of these reasons put together make up my ideal future and
therefore my motivation to study.