While a famous photographer. Roger Moukarzel was born

While going into the world of photograph, one of my inspiration of photographers in the beginning is Roger Moukarzel. Roger Moukarzel was around 12 years old when he took his first picture on a camera that he borrowed from his older brother. When he was about 15 to 16 years old he started taking pictures of the violence and devastation by Lebanon’s Civil War through his camera len and he also sold his photographs to international agencies like Sygma and Reuters, who published them around the world making Roger Moukarzel a famous photographer. Roger Moukarzel was born at Beirut, Lebanon around 1962 to 1963. It did not show a specific date of when he was born but it only showed the year. Roger Moukarzel started out with war photography and then went on into taking pictures for fashion industries, magazines and much more. Roger Moukarzel was just a regular student before he started out as a professional photographer. His type of style is different in perspectives, fashion pictures and magazines pictures. Roger Moukarzel type of photographs is unique and creative because it shows many details but also different types of backdrops. In one photo its shows a place where it’s very snowy but set up a backdrop of a farm. He shows many different perspectives and many different types of forms. He inspires me to see things from a much different angle, being creative in different ways and staying simple. The reason why he inspires me this way is because he became creative through many simple pictures that he took, but it shows meaning behind those simple photographs. I learnt that he became famous through one of his war photographs that he took which later on was put out onto a magazine, later on he decided to leave Lebanon and go into Paris, France in 1990 for more opportunities to take more pictures. Sooner or later he was no longer interested in taking pictures of the tragedy of the war but instead, he decided to take more peacful picture which created a kind of peaceful atmosphere in his photographs. After he published his war photographs, he worked in a more professional field of photography for the next 15 years and he had his jobs with industries like Sygma and Reuters which allowed him to explore more of the region of world during those times. The photographer Roger Moukarzel has opened my eyes showing that there are many other ways to take pictures and photographs instead of one way, and also how other people’s creativity can affect the way people view and see things today. I also learnt that his parents managed the family magazine, the satirical political weekly, Al Dabbour, and so he grew up in journalistic surroundings, which was surrounded by imagery and also had  the desire to speak the truth even if it meant that they might have go to jail. Roger Moukarzel first started off with war photography and then gradually went into much more peaceful photographs.