Wireless for the unprotected 802.11 wireless network. For

Wireless networking gives many
returns Efficiency recovers due to the fact of accelerated availability to data
resources. Network configuration and reconfiguration is easier, faster, and
less costly. However, wi-fi technology additionally creates new threats and
alters the present data protection danger profile. For example, because
communications takes place “through the air” the usage of radio
frequencies, the threat of interception is higher than with wired networks. If
the message is no longer encoded, or encoded with a susceptible procedure, the
attacker can study it, thereby cooperating confidentiality.

     Although wireless networking alters the
risks related with more than a few threats to security, the whole safety
objects remain the identical as with wired links: retaining secrecy, confirming
reliability, and preserving accessibility of the data and records systems. The
objective of this paper is to contribution administrators in making such
options by presenting them with a primary considerate of the nature of the
numerous dangers linked with wireless networking and current countermeasures.

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     Conflict riding attack is based totally on
riding round and looking for the unprotected 802.11 wireless network. For
Example: Peter Shipley performed a find out about to make humans alert human
beings about the danger of their unprotected wireless networks. The study follows
a easy formula: “laptop +wireless+ GPS+ vehicle = combat driving”. Using
monitoring software program established on the laptop computer which is
connected to the GPS receiver and an antenna on the roof of his car, peter
Shipley drives around the road of Oakland, San Francisco and Silicon Valley,
scanning for unprotected 802.11 wi-fi network. When Shipley located the
unprotected wireless network he can seem to be at the type of information that
is surpassed around. The techniques have modified however nevertheless the idea
of attacks is primarily based on hostilities driving. As the price of science
continues to fall. It has regarded as a wonderful threat.

By the use of a range of counter measure
algorithm process turn out to be delayed two

Overall device performance becomes very sluggish
as range of nodes is increase.

Multiple message transmission affected