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Write a brief report on the comparison of ISTR-21 and ISTR-22.ISTR (Internet Security Threat Report)-21Introduction:Symantec data helped to identify the various kind of malware which were recorded in 2015 and The ISTR inspected almost more than 430 million of several new types of malwares and viruses which was exceed 36% from the last year. The data enabled ISTR to examine different aspects regarding social media scams, targeted attacks, threats and vulnerabilities of IoT.There are six main key features of security threats which are listed in ISTR-21 which was logged in 2015.? New Zero Day Vulnerability increased 125%:New Zero Day Vulnerabilities was identified more than 125% from last year, was found on almost every week, which is not that much surprising because it was kind of common product when market is trying to meet their profit goals. Software which were commonly used in 2015, had vulnerabilities which attracted the hackers like Adobe Flash and web browsers. Zero day attack include in cybercriminal attacks. At this point of time, many will get infected if patch would not apply.? Loss of Personal data increased 85%:In 2015, the people had faced the maximum data loss which was reported and many of companies did not reveal the breaches they had experienced. If companies reported the actual fact of data breaching then, According to Symantec estimation, almost more than half a billion of data were stolen, which was maximize 85% from the last year.? Ransomware Attacks increased 35%:Ransomware is evolving day by day. In 2015 the Ransomwares nurtured 35% more, the target was to trap PC users and populate over a network for profit before 2015.Symentec had mentioned proof-of concept attacks in 2015 Ransomwares got new targets and stepped forward to mobile and smart phones users, smart watches and televisions.? All Companies Vulnerabilities increased 55%:Attackers target was not limit to government organization or financial companies. In 2015 even small scale business were at risks too. Around 500 companies including large and small scale had risk of IP stolen even a laundry service was target too which is clear warning for all businesses that they are having significant risks of targeted attacks or threats .This targeted attacks to companies was also maximized to 55% in 2015.? 75% of popular websites had vulnerabilities:Almost ¾ of popular, well known and widely used websites had unpatched vulnerabilities, which means the users got infected by genuine websites because the attackers got chance to access and manipulate the websites due to less secured administration. In 2015 almost each and every day millions of web attacks had occurred.? Blocked 100 million Fake Technical Support Scams:As threats are growing daily like ransomware similarly attackers were fooling victims to trick pop ups of system updates or alerts of system errors. Symantec blocked around 100 million of this fake scam alerts in 2015.ISTR (Internet Security Threat Report)-22Introduction:The latest release of Symantec explains the current state of security threats around the globe. The data of Symantec helps to reveal the several incidents which was happened in 2016. This report specifies not only that zero day vulnerabilities and various improved attacks were the cyber threats in 2016 but also usage of spear phishing to mix with normal network traffic.The key features and trends which is recorded by Symantec from thee data of 2016 are as followed? Usage of Online tools by CybercriminalsMany hackers and cybercriminals used many common online products services like DDoS and latest versions of ransomwares and malwares, which are easily available online and for that hackers do not need any technical background to do so ,the only requirements are system and internet connection.? Emails become tool for injecting RansomwareEmails become the more ease way to inject any virus, malware and ransomware or illegitimate access of data or credentials. These attacks were identified almost after a year or many months. The only a click to link by a victim always was the successful attack in 2016.? IoT VulnerabilitiesISTR-22 again and again mentions thee Mirai botnet which made internet to its maximum harms. The devices which connected to internet were more near to harm. Symantec specified that after each 2 minutes, IoT were targeted.? Tools widely used by CybercriminalsReport indicated the tools which were commonly used in 2016 by cybercriminals and hackers like Samdump, Mimikatz, PsExec, Netscan and Powershell to demae the network but according to report, attacker got access by stolen credentials.? Financial Attacks increasedIn 2016, financial attacks are getting worse. The attacks moved forward to financial companies and targeted to billions which is the next level of financial attack.