Xenotransplantation, because animal organs are not made to

Xenotransplantation, possibly a life changing procedure, is the processof moving animal cells, organs, and tissues into humans. Patients wait manyyears to receive an organ donation and some die before they ever get thatneeded organ. Xenotransplantation can possibly fix this issue, by harvestingorgans out of animals we can have a plentiful supply of spare parts for thepatients whenever they need them to keep the patients alive and well. Butalso, there is a huge risk because of the different bacteria and organismsthat are in the animals.Some people believe that Xenotransplantation is a helpful thing.Cancer patients have a very low chance of receiving an organ donationbecause they have a low chance of surviving with or without the organ.Because of this, the organ is given to a different patient who has a greaterchance of surviving. With Xenotransplantation those cancer patients are nowable to easily receive as many organs as needed. Last year there was about121,012 people on the waiting list for an organ and about only 24,000received an organ, but because of Xenotransplantation those in need oforgans won’t have to wait years to get their needed organ. Patients couldhave a new organ in no time which will greatly improve their chances ofsurvival. The doctors also have the choice of specifically picking the bestorgans for the patient, which can decrease the likelihood of having adamaged or diseased organ.Others believe that Xenotransplantation is hurting rather than helping.When transplanting animal parts into humans there is a high risk that theanimals could spread a disease to that human. This disease could thenspread and infect the whole community causing a major issue. Anotherreason most people are against Xenotransplantation is because they feelinjustice is being done to animals. People believe that Xenotransplantation isjust another form of animal cruelty because the animals have no voice or sayin this operation, making them believe it should be stopped immediately.Another reason Xenotransplantation is disapproved by some people isbecause most patients who have had a Xenotransplantation surgery havedied shortly after. This is because animal organs are not made to survive in ahuman body, making our body reject these organs quickly.In my opinion, I believe that Xenotransplantation is a helpful andhurtful thing. I believe it is a new innovative way to provide patients withorgans and other tissues that they need in a fast manner as well as havingan unlimited supply of spare parts. The need for organs grow about 15%each year and Xenotransplantation could possibly solve the issue of patientsgoing through their life without a healthy organ. Although there are manybenefits of this operation, there are just as many negative outcomes. Thereis an extremely high risk that the human body will respond wrongly andreject the animal organ. If the body rejects the animal organ then the animalwould have died and the human would more than likely die for nothing. Ibelieve this is a great solution to the current organ dilemma, but I feel thatdoctors should wait years until the technology has developed or until thedoctors have found a safe way to operate and make sure that the humanaccepts the animal donation.