Your I believe my proficiencies and experience is

Your name:
Emily Davies-Miller
Address : 819 D Avenue National City, CA
Contact details : 310 980 1428
Email address : [email protected]


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name : University of California, Los Angeles
Company’s name : UCLA
Address : Los Angeles, CA 90095



I am a clinical
psychologist with thirteen years of experience; I currently work at University
of California, San Diego as a Head Clinical Psychologist. I have enclosed my CV
for your attention.

Below are
my abilities and knowledge which I suspect you are seeking for this clinical
psychology position.

Have a widespread understanding
of the principles and the methods involved in the research and diagnosis
in this field.

Have treated several patients
who have mental disorders and other psychological issues.

I am aware
that clinical psychologists are sought out highly in our present-day society,
and the growth and integrity of health centers is important towards improving
the health care in our country. I believe my proficiencies and experience is
something you are seeking for this position.

I would
like to discuss this more and learn more about the listed position to prepare
myself for a future interview. You can call me at 310-980 1428 or email me at [email protected]

Thank you
so much for considering me as a potential candidate. 


Emily Davies-Miller

Enclosure: resume and work experience